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On 8th July 2022 the Local Plan Review was submitted to the Planning Inspectorate in order for it to commence its examination.  All documents submitted and other documents that are of relevance can be found in the Planning Policy Library below.  The Local Plan examination was held between 15th November and 16th December 2022.  All documents and further information can be found on the Local Plan Examination page and in the Library below.

Documents are grouped under themes for ease of reference, clicking on each theme will reveal the documents available.

Draft Local Plan and supporting information

ReferenceDownloadDate Published
STA001Reg 18 Draft Local Plan30/06/2021
STA001.1Reg 19 Proposed Submission Local Plan16/03/2022
STA001.1aStatement of Representations Procedure March 202216/03/2022
STA001.1bGuidance Notes for Making Representations16/03/2022
STA002Local Development Scheme Sept 202030/06/2021
STA003Central Lincolnshire SCI Jan 201830/06/2021
STA003.1Central Lincolnshire SCI Jan 202309/01/2023
STA004.1aFinal SA Scoping Report March 202216/03/2022
STA004.1bFinal SA Main Report March 202216/03/2022
STA004.1cFinal SA Non-Technical Summary March 202216/03/2022
STA004.1dAppendix 1 Baseline Information March 202216/03/2022
STA004.1eiAppendix 2 SA Framework for Sites March 2022 Superseded05/07/2022
STA004.1eiiAppendix 2 SA Framework for Sites Updated July 202205/07/2022
STA004.1fAppendix 3 Distribution of Growth March 202216/03/2022
STA004.1gAppendix 4 SA Preferred Plan Policies and Reasonable Alternatives March 202216/03/2022
STA004.1hiAppendix 5.1 Housing Site Allocations SA City of Lincoln March 202216/03/2022
STA004.1hiiAppendix 5.2 Housing Site Allocations SA North Kesteven March 202216/03/2022
STA004.1hiiiAppendix 5.3 Housing Site Allocations SA West Lindsey16/03/2022
STA004.1iAppendix 6 Gypsy and Traveller Preferred Site Allocations SA March 202216/03/2022
STA004.1jAppendix 7 Reasons for selecting preferred options March 202216/03/2022
STA004.1kAppendix 8 SA Consultation Responses March 202216/03/2022
STA004aFinal SA Scoping Report June 202130/06/2021
STA004bInterim SA Report June 202130/06/2021
STA004cAppendix 1 SA Framework for Sites June 202130/06/2021
STA004dAppendix 2 SA Preferred Policies and Options June 202130/06/2021
STA004eAppendix 3.1 Housing Site SA Lincoln June 202130/06/2021
STA004fAppendix 3.2 Housing Site SA NK June 202130/06/2021
STA004gAppendix 3.3 Housing Site SA WL June 202130/06/2021
STA004hAppendix 4 Gypsy Site SA June 202130/06/2021
STA004iAppendix 5 Reasons for selecting preferred options June 202130/06/2021
STA005.1aHRA Main Report Proposed Submission Draft16/03/2022
STA005.1bHRA Appendices Proposed Submission Draft16/03/2022
STA005aHRA Draft Plan Report June 202130/06/2021
STA005bHRA Draft Report Appendices June 202130/06/2021
STA006Settlement Hierarchy Methodology Report30/06/2021
STA007Central Lincs Draft Statement of Common Ground June 202130/06/2021
STA007.1Central Lincs Draft Statement of Common Ground March 202216/03/2022
STA007.2Central Lincs Statement of Common Ground Sept 202209/09/2022
STA007.3Central Lincs Statement of Common Ground Nov 202208/11/2022
STA008Site Allocations Settlement Analysis30/06/2021
STA009Equality Impact Assessment Screening Reg 1830/06/2021
STA009.1Equality Impact Assessment Screening Reg 1914/03/2022
STA010NPs and Local Plan Reg 1830/06/2021
STA011Central Lincs Growth Options Paper Reg 1806/07/2021
STA011.1Central Lincs Growth Options Paper Reg 1916/03/2022
STA012Services and Facilities Methodology Report03/08/2021
STA013Key Issues Report Reg 1816/03/2022
STA014aIssues and Options Consultation document06/06/2019
STA014bIssues and Option Consultation Analysis Report23/09/2019
STA015Sustainable Community Strategy - Lincoln16/03/2022
STA016Sustainable Community Strategy - North Kesteven16/03/2022
STA017Sustainable Community Strategy - West Lindsey16/03/2022
STA018Statement of Compliance with Duty to Cooperate16/03/2022
STA019Regulation 19 Consultation Statement16/03/2022
STA020Main Issues Raised at Regulation 19 Consultation08/07/2022
STA021Regulation 22 Consultation Statement08/07/2022
STA022Regulation 19 Consultation Responses - by policy08/07/2022
STA023Regulation 19 Consultation Responses - by respondent08/07/2022
STA024SA Addendum August 202211/10/2022
STA024aAppendix 7 Reasons for selecting preferred options Updated August 202211/10/2022
STA024bSA Addendum Consultation Report October 202211/10/2022
STA025Bassetlaw and Central Lincs Statement of Common Ground (EX023)16/11/2022
STA026Recommended Main Modifications13/01/2023
STA027Additional 'Minor' Modifications13/01/2023
STA028Recommended Policies Map Modifications13/01/2023
STA029SA Further Addendum Report Jan 202313/01/2023
STA030HRA Addendum Report Jan 202313/01/2023
STA031Main Modifications Consultation Responses07/03/2023
STA032Modifications Consultation Responses Summary Table07/03/2023
ReferenceDownloadDate Published
EVR001Policy S1 The Spatial Strategy and Settlement Hierarchy Reg1916/03/2022
EVR002Policy S2 Growth Levels and Distribution Reg1916/03/2022
EVR003Policy S3 Housing Urban Areas Reg1916/03/2022
EVR004Policy S4 Housing Development in or Adjacent to Villages Reg1916/03/2022
EVR005Policy S5 Development in the Countryside Reg1916/03/2022
EVR006Policy S6 Design Principles for Efficient Buildings Reg1916/03/2022
EVR007Policy S7 Reducing Energy Consumption Residential Development Reg1916/03/2022
EVR008Policy S8 Reducing Energy Consumption Non-Residential Reg1916/03/2022
EVR009Policy S9 Decentralised Energy Networks Reg1916/03/2022
EVR010Policy S10 Supporting Circular Economy Reg1916/03/2022
EVR011Policy S11 Embodied Carbon Reg1916/03/2022
EVR012Policy S12 Water Efficiency and Sustainable Water Management Reg1916/03/2022
EVR013Policy S13 Reducing Energy Consumption in Existing Buildings Reg1916/03/2022
EVR014Policy S14 Renewable Energy Reg1916/03/2022
EVR015Policy S15 Protecting Renewable Energy Infrastructure Reg1916/03/2022
EVR016Policy S16 Wider Energy Infrastructure Reg1916/03/2022
EVR017Policy S17 Carbon Sinks Reg1916/03/2022
EVR018Policy NS18 Electric Vehicle Charging Reg 1916/03/2022
EVR019Policy S19 Fossil Fuel Exploration, Extraction, Production or Energy Generation Reg1916/03/2022
EVR020Policy S20 Resilient and Adaptable Design Reg1916/03/2022
EVR021Policy S21 Flood Risk and Water Resources Reg1916/03/2022
EVR022Policy S22 Affordable Housing Reg1916/03/2022
EVR023Policy S23 Meeting Accommodation Needs Reg1916/03/2022
EVR024Policy NS24 Custom and Self Build Reg1916/03/2022
EVR025Policy S25 Sub-division and Multi-occupation of Dwellings within Lincoln Reg1916/03/2022
EVR026Policy S26 Houseboat Moorings and Caravans Reg1916/03/2022
EVR027Policy NS27 Residential Annexes Reg1916/03/2022
EVR028-034Policy S28-S34 Employment Policies Reg1916/03/2022
EVR035Policy S35 Network and Hierarchy of Centres Reg1916/03/2022
EVR036Policy S36 Lincoln's City Centre and Primary Shopping Area Reg1916/03/2022
EVR037Policy S37 Gainsborough Town Centre and Primary Shopping Area Reg1916/03/2022
EVR038Policy S38 Sleaford Town Centre and Primary Shopping Area Reg1916/03/2022
EVR039Policy S39 Market Rasen and Caistor Town Centres Reg1916/03/2022
EVR040Policy S40 District, Local and Village Centres Reg1916/03/2022
EVR041Policy NS41 City and Town Centre Frontages Reg1916/03/2022
EVR042Policy S42 Sustainable Urban Tourism Reg1916/03/2022
EVR043Policy S43 Sustainable Rural Tourism Reg1916/03/2022
EVR044Policy S44 Lincolnshire Showground Reg1916/03/2022
EVR045Policy S45 Strategic Infrastructure Requirements Reg1916/03/2022
EVR046Policy S46 Safeguarded Land for Key Infrastructure Reg1916/03/2022
EVR047Policy S47 Accessibility and Transport Reg1916/03/2022
EVR048Policy S48 Walking and Cycling Reg1916/03/2022
EVR049Policy S49 Parking Standards Reg1916/03/2022
EVR050Policy S50 Community Facilities Reg1916/03/2022
EVR051Policy S51 Open Space Standards Reg1916/03/2022
EVR052Policy S52 Universities and Colleges Reg1916/03/2022
EVR053Policy S53 Design and Amenity Reg1916/03/2022
EVR054Policy S54 Health and Wellbeing Reg1916/03/2022
EVR055Policy NS55 Advertisements Reg1916/03/2022
EVR056Policy S56 Contaminated Land Reg1916/03/2022
EVR057Policy S57 Historic Environment Reg1916/03/2022
EVR058Policy S58 Protecting Lincoln, Gainsborough and Sleaford's Setting and Character Reg1916/03/2022
EVR059Policy S59 Green Infrastructure Network Reg1916/03/2022
EVR060S60 Protecting Biodiversity and Geodiversity Reg1916/03/2022
EVR061Policy S61 Biodiversity Opportunity and Net Gain Reg1916/03/2022
EVR062Policy S62 AONB and AGLV Reg1916/03/2022
EVR063Policy S63 Green Wedges Reg1916/03/2022
EVR064Policy S64 Local Green Space Reg1916/03/2022
EVR065Policy S65 Important Open Spaces Reg1916/03/2022
EVR066Policy S66 Trees, Woodland and Hedgerows Reg1916/03/2022
EVR067S67 Best and Most Versatile Agricultural Land Reg1916/03/2022
EVR068Sustainable Urban Extensions Evidence Report16/03/2022
EVR069Lincoln Sustainable Urban Extensions Evidence Report16/03/2022
EVR070Gainsborough Sustainable Urban Extensions Evidence Report16/03/2022
EVR071Sleaford Sustainable Urban Extensions Evidence Report16/03/2022
EVR072Policy NS72 Lincoln Regeneration and Opportunity Areas Reg1916/03/2022
EVR073Policy NS73 Gainsborough Riverside Regeneration Area Reg1916/03/2022
EVR074Policy NS74 Sleaford Regeneration and Opportunity Areas Reg1916/03/2022
EVR075Policy S75 RAF Scampton Reg1916/03/2022
EVR076-082Policy S76-82 Introduction Residential Allocations Reg1916/03/2022
EVR076-082Policy S76-82 Residential Allocations Appendix C City of Lincoln Reg1916/03/2022
EVR076-082Policy S76-82 Residential Allocations Appendix D North Kesteven Part 1 Reg1916/03/2022
EVR076-082Policy S76-82 Residential Allocations Appendix E North Kesteven Part 2 Reg1916/03/2022
EVR076-082Policy S76-82 Residential Allocations Appendix F West Lindsey Part 1 Reg1916/03/2022
EVR076-082Policy S76-82 Residential Allocations Appendix G West Lindsey Part 2 Reg1916/03/2022
EVR083Policy S83 Gypsy and Traveller and Travelling Showpeople Accommodation Reg1916/03/2022
EVR084Policy S84 Ministry of Defence Establishments Reg1916/03/2022
ReferenceDownloadDate Published
ALP001Adopted Central Lincolnshire Local Plan 2017April 2017
ALP002Central Lincs Policies Map A0April 2017
ALP003Inset 01 - Aisthorpe, Brattleby and Scampton A4April 2017
ALP004Inset 02 - Aubourn A4April 2017
ALP005Inset 03 - Bardney A4April 2017
ALP006Inset 04 Bassingham and Carlton le Moorland A4June 2018
ALP007Inset 05 - Bigby A4April 2017
ALP008Inset 06 - Billinghay A4April 2017
ALP009Inset 07 - Bishop Norton A4April 2017
ALP010Inset 08 - Blyton A4April 2017
ALP011Inset 09 - Boothby Graffoe, Navenby and Wellingore A3April 2017
ALP012Inset 10 Branston A4June 2018
ALP013Inset 11 - Branston Booths A4April 2017
ALP014Inset 12 - Brant Broughton A4April 2017
ALP015Inset 13 - Westrum Lane, Brigg A4April 2017
ALP016Inset 14 - Brocklesby A4April 2017
ALP017Inset 15 - Brookenby A4April 2017
ALP018Inset 16 - Cabourne A4April 2017
ALP019Inset 17 Caistor and Nettleton A3June 2018
ALP020Inset 18 - Cammeringham and Ingham A4April 2017
ALP021Inset 19 - Cherry Willingham, Fiskerton and Reepham A3April 2017
ALP022Inset 20 - Claxby A4April 2017
ALP023Inset 21 - Corringham and Springthorpe A4April 2017
ALP024Inset 22 - Cranwell A4April 2017
ALP025Inset 23 - Digby and Dorrington A4April 2017
ALP026Inset 24 - Dunholme and Welton A3April 2017
ALP027Inset 25 - Dunston A4April 2017
ALP028Inset 26 - Ewerby A4April 2017
ALP029Inset 27 - Faldingworth A4April 2017
ALP030Inset 28 - Fillingham and Glentworth A3April 2017
ALP031Inset 29 Gainsborough Lea and Morton A1June 2018
ALP032Inset 30 - Glentham A4April 2017
ALP033Inset 31 - Grayingham A4April 2017
ALP034Inset 32 - Great Limber A4April 2017
ALP035Inset 33 - Heckington A4April 2017
ALP036Inset 34 - Heighington and Washingborough A3April 2017
ALP037Inset 35 - Helpringham and Little Hale A4April 2017
ALP038Inset 36 - Hemswell and Hemswell Cliff A3April 2017
ALP039Inset 37 - Holton le Moor A4April 2017
ALP040Inset 38 - Keelby A4April 2017
ALP041Inset 39 - Kettlethorpe and Laughterton A4April 2017
ALP042Inset 40 - Kexby, Upton and Willingham by Stow A3April 2017
ALP043Inset 41 - Kirkby and Osgodby A4April 2017
ALP044Inset 42 - Langworth A4April 2017
ALP045Inset 43 - Laughton A4April 2017
ALP046Inset 44 - Leadenham and Welbourn A3April 2017
ALP047Inset 45 - Leasingham A4April 2017
ALP048Inset 46 - Legsby A4April 2017
ALP049Inset 47 Lincoln urban area and neighbouring villages A0June 2018
ALP050Inset 48 Lincoln City Centre A3June 2018
ALP051Inset 49 - Lincolnshire Showground A4April 2017
ALP052Inset 50 - Lissington A4April 2017
ALP053Inset 51 Market Rasen A3June 2018
ALP054Inset 52 - Marton A4April 2017
ALP055Inset 53 - Metheringham A4April 2017
ALP056Inset 54 - Middle Rasen A4April 2017
ALP057Inset 55 - Nettleham A4April 2017
ALP058Inset 56 - New Toft A4April 2017
ALP059Inset 57 - Newton on Trent A4April 2017
ALP060Inset 58 Nocton and Potterhanworth A4June 2018
ALP061Inset 59 - Normany-by-Spital and Owmby-by-Spital A4April 2017
ALP062Inset 60 - North Carlton A4April 2017
ALP063Inset 61 - North Kelsey A4April 2017
ALP064Inset 62 - North Willingham A4April 2017
ALP065Inset 63 - Northorpe A4April 2017
ALP066Inset 64 - Osbournby A4April 2017
ALP067Inset 65 - Rothwell A4April 2017
ALP068Inset 66 - Ruskington A4April 2017
ALP069Inset 67 Saxilby A3June 2018
ALP070Inset 68 - Scopwick A4April 2017
ALP071Inset 69 - Scothern and Sudbrooke A3April 2017
ALP072Inset 70 Scotter and Scotton A3June 2018
ALP073Inset 71 - Scredington A4April 2017
ALP074Inset 72 - Searby A4April 2017
ALP075Inset 73 - Silk Willoughby A4April 2017
ALP076Inset 74 - Sixhills A4April 2017
ALP077Inset 75 - Skellingthorpe A4April 2017
ALP078Inset 76 Sleaford A1June 2018
ALP079Inset 77 - Snitterby and Waddingham A4April 2017
ALP080Inset 78 - South Kelsey A4April 2017
ALP081Inset 79 - Stow and Sturton by Stow A4April 2017
ALP082Inset 80 - Swallow A4April 2017
ALP083Inset 81 - Swaton A4April 2017
ALP084Inset 82 - Tealby A4April 2017
ALP085Inset 83 Thorpe on the Hill A4June 2018
ALP086Inset 84 - Timberland A4April 2017
ALP087Inset 85 - Walcot A4April 2017
ALP088Inset 86 - Walesby A4April 2017
ALP089Inset 87 - Walkerith A4April 2017
ALP090Inset 88 - Willoughton A4April 2017
ALP091Inset 89 Witham St Hughs A3June 2018
ALP092Inset 90 Coleby and Harmston A3June 2018
ALP093Inset Map IndexApril 2017
ALP094Legend - CLLP PoliciesApril 2018
ALP095Legend Page 2 Non CLLP PoliciesJune 2018
ALP096CLLP Inspectors ReportApril 2017

The Planning Policy Library Archive contains the evidence base documents that support the adopted Central Lincolnshire Local Plan 2017.  

Previous versions of the Local Plan, evidence reports and all other documents to support the Local Plan which were submitted to the Secretary of State can be found on the Adopted Local Plan 2017 page.

PLEASE NOTE: some documents may take a few moments to download due to file size.