Pet ownership

Pet ownership

North Kesteven District Council’s policy on pet ownership says:

‘The Authority recognises the benefits that responsible pet ownership can bring. However, controls must be in place to prevent irresponsible pet ownership which can cause suffering to animals and a nuisance to neighbours.’

This page gives information to tenants who have either just moved into their council property or have lived there for some time with a pet or are now thinking about getting a pet. It will also be helpful for tenants who are having problems with a neighbour’s pet.

Please note you are responsible for your pets at all times.

Policy on giving permission for pets     

North Kesteven District Council will give permission in most cases. However, certain types of pet are not permitted

Applying to keep a pet      

We do not expect you to apply for permission to keep fish, small rodents or insects.

What your tenancy agreement says about pets      

Not all our properties are suitable for keeping cats or dogs. Your tenancy agreement will say whether your home is suitable, or not.

Responsible pet ownership

Information for you to consider before you get your pet