Report a repair

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Report a housing repair

You can report a housing repair to our contractor Kier using our report a housing repair form.

Report communal repairs

You can report a communal repair to our contractor Kier using our report a housing repair form.

Report a heating repair

You can report a heating repair directly to our contractor Aaron Services using their request a heating repair form.

Emergency out of hours repairs

The out-of-hours emergency service operates during the following times:    

  • Weekdays: Monday to Friday 8.00pm and 8.00am  
  • Weekends: Friday 8.00pm to Mon 8.00am

  • Bank Holidays: 24 Hours

Kier on 01529 416399 for general building repairs brickwork, joinery, plumbing or electric heating.

Aaron Services on 01205 591979 for heating repairs (this does not include electric - please ring Kier on 01529 416399).

Emergency repairs will be attended to outside working hours when:

  • the fault poses a serious risk to health and safety

  • the fault poses a serious risk to the structure of the property

  • the property is not secure

The work done may only be to make the situation safe. Prioritisation of emergency repairs will be at the discretion of the tradesman who attends to the job. It is important that the tenant explains their situation fully, and gives any other relevant details (eg if they are disabled, elderly, have young children or are otherwise vulnerable) so that the service can prioritise work correctly. 

The out-of-hours operative will refuse to accept the repair if it does not fall into the criteria for an emergency out-of-hours repair.The tenant will be charged a call out fee if they use the emergency call out service for a fault that is not a genuine emergency, or is a result of tenant misuse. This will be the cost of materials and the tradesman’s time.

Responsibilities for repairs

North Kesteven District Council are responsible for maintaining the outside of a tenants home and keeping the basic structure in good repair. Tenants are obliged under the terms of their tenancy agreement to tell North Kesteven District Council as soon as possible of any defects in the property.

A tenants obligations also include, changing domestic fuses, shower heads and other bathroom fittings such as cabinets, mirrors, towel rails, toilet roll holders and toilet seats, replacing washing lines (except where communal), adjusting cupboard door catches. Repairing or replacing damaged items through neglect or carelessness or misuse by them or members of their household or visitors.

Tenants are responsible for any fittings, appliances, or alterations supplied or carried out by themselves, including TV aerials, plumbing in washing machines and dishwashers, and adapting doors to accommodate carpets. When moving out of a property they must make sure that the property is clean, tidy, reasonably decorated and that all their unwanted belongings from the property and garden have been cleared, including the roof space as North Kesteven will charge for removing anything left behind.

Gas safety

If a tenant reports that they can smell gas they must be given the following advice:

  • Don't turn electric switches on or off
  • Don't smoke
  • Don't use naked flames
  • Do turn off the gas supply at the meter
  • Do open doors and windows to get rid of the gas

Call Gas Safe on 0800 111 999. 
All calls will be recorded and may be monitored.

Rechargeable repairs

Where tenants or visitors to their property, have caused damage (eg broken window) or been negligent (eg: locked out of property) the Council will charge for the cost of works to rectify the problem.

Tenants should be advised that a repair may be rechargeable when reporting, however, a recharge may be raised after this time if appropriate.

The Contractor may ask you to sign a copy of a rechargeable form which outlines the works carried out. An invoice will subsequently be raised for which you will be liable.  

For tenants that are leaving their home and have put a Termination of Notice Form in, a certain standard is required by the Council of how to leave your home.  A pre-inspection is carried out with the tenant where possible (by the Housing Officers making appointments before the tenant vacates). This pre-inspection sets out what the tenant must do to conform to our standard and a form is filled out and signed by the tenant validating this.  If however, this standard has not been achieved when the post inspection is carried out at void stage a recharge will be sent direct to the tenants new address.

If the tenant has not had a pre inspection carried out within the notice period, a post inspection is carried out at void and if the property is not at the Council standard a letter of intent to recharge will be sent notifying them of items to be recharged. 

If you are unfortunate enough to receive an invoice for any of the above circumstances, prompt payment is advisable as delay could cause additional costs being added due to the Council’s efforts in debt recovery and could eventually lead to court costs.