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We are pleased to announce that the newly rebuilt garages in Almond Walk, Sleaford are now available for rent. If you are interested in renting one of these garages, please contact our offices on 01529 406766.

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How do I rent a garage?

We have garages available to rent in a number of areas. In some places there are garages that are available, for other areas you may have to join a waiting list until a vacancy becomes available.

To go on our garage waiting list you must live or work within the district and be up to date with all payments due to the council. You do not have to be a Council tenant.

When allocating garages we use a date order system. Priority is given to those who are a council tenant of one of our dwellings, however many garages are rented to other individuals where there are vacancies.

We will not offer you a garage to rent unless you are up to date with all housing related payments due to the council. Additionally, we will terminate your garage license if you do not keep up to date with all housing related payments due to the council.

Applying to rent a garage

To apply for a garage you need to complete a Garage Application Form.

Garage locations

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Map of garages

Map of North Kesteven District Council garages

Garage locations list

Locations of North Kesteven District Council Garages
Town/Village Location
Billinghay The Whyche
Bracebridge Heath St Johns Square
Branston Abel Smith Garden
Branston Johnson Villas
Brant Broughton Robinson Place
Cranwell St John's Close
Cranwell Thorold Avenue
Dorrington Dixon Avenue
Great Hale Magna Crescent
Heckington Handley Street
Heckington High Street
Heckington Churchill Way
Kirkby la Thorpe Mount Lane
Leadenham North Road
Metheringham Princess Margaret Avenue
Nocton Wellhead Lane
Rowston St Clements Close
Ruskington Northfield Road
Ruskington Cornwall Way
Ruskington Pinfold Way
Scopwick Springfield Estate
Scredington Church Lane
Skellingthorpe Hodson Close
Sleaford Buttler Way
Sleaford Hazel Grove
Sleaford Rhodes Avenue
Sleaford Sibthorpe Court
Sleaford Almond Walk
Sleaford Church Lane
Sleaford George Street
Sleaford Newton Way
Sleaford Robertson Drive
Sleaford St Giles Avenue
Sleaford Westgate
South Rauceby Beech Rise
Thorpe on the Hill Sempers Close
Waddington Millers Road
Waddington Stone Lane


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How much does a garage cost to rent?

Garage rent
Location of garage Council tenant (per week) Non council tenant (per week)
Sleaford £8.90 £10.68
Rest of the District £7.12 £8.54

Note: Garage rent is payable monthly by direct debit only

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

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How do I get a garage?

To join the waiting list you must complete a Garage Application Form.

Can anyone go on the garage waiting list?

To join our waiting list you must live or work within the district and applications are only accepted from individuals, not from companies or organisations. You do not have to be a Council tenant or a leaseholder. If you are a tenant you must not have any housing related debt.

What is housing related debt?

Any rent arrears from a current or former tenancy or outstanding service charges. You must pay these before you will be allowed to join the waiting list.

How are garages allocated?

When allocating garages we use a date order system. Priority is given to those who are currently tenants of our dwellings; however, many garages are rented to other individuals where there are vacancies.

Can I rent more than one garage?

Yes you can rent a second or third garage. However, we will only consider this if there is no one else on the list waiting to rent their first garage.

How can I pay my garage rent?

Garage rent is payable by direct debit, if you cancel you direct debit we will service you notice on your garage.

Can I use my garage to store other things?

The primary purpose of the garage is to store a taxed and insured motor vehicle. Other items can be stored but you must not allow more than 2 gallons (or 10 litres) of petrol (except for what is contained in the vehicle fuel tank) and not more than 1 gallon (5 litres) of lubricating oil to be stored in the garage. You must not store any other inflammable liquid, gas or material in the garage. You should also remember that garages can be vulnerable to theft of items stored inside.

Can I use my garage for business purposes or to carry out repairs?

No you must not carry out any repairs (except minor repairs to the tenants own vehicle) or any trade/business related activities in the garage or on the garage area.

Can I claim compensation for damage or loss of items stored in the garage from the council?

No. You should have your own insurance for any items you leave in your garage, insured against theft, loss or damage.

What if I exchange garages with another tenant?

You need to inform us first. We are usually happy to agree to this but you will need to make an appointment to complete all the necessary paperwork to change over your tenancy.

Can I rent the garage to someone else?

No, sub-letting is a breach of your garage license and will result in your license being terminated.

How do I end my garage license?

The most straightforward way is to complete the Garage termination form. Alternatively you can call our Housing and Property Support Team who can send a paper copy to you. Do not cancel your direct debit until you have completed the form and received confirmation from us, as this could result in you having arrears on your account. You are required to give at least one week’s notice and you must end your license on a Sunday.

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