Parking, gardens and grassed areas

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Tenant satisfaction surveys show that car parking problems cause more unhappiness than almost anything else. We are improving this through an annual parking programme. This includes building lay-bys, driveways and hard-standing areas. The areas with the worst problems will be improved first.

There are many parking spaces near our properties, but some estates were not designed to cope with today’s number of vehicles. We will do our best to keep improving parking problems but please park thoughtfully and with care.

You must make sure that emergency vehicles and rubbish collection vehicles have clear access at all times.

You must not park a vehicle anywhere on your property except on a “hard-standing” (a driveway or paved area intended for parking). You and your visitors must not park anywhere that would obstruct emergency services, or cause a nuisance or on grass verges or footpaths.

You must not drive over or allow anyone else to drive over any open plan or grassed area to gain access to the Property.

You must not use the Property or the land around the Property for any of the following purposes:

  • Major car repairs to cars or other vehicles;
  • dismantling, breaking or scrapping cars or other vehicles;
  • or carrying out any repairs to cars or other vehicles that do not belong to you or other residents of the Property.

You must not park, or allow to be parked, an illegal, untaxed or unroadworthy vehicle on the land around your home, without our agreement in writing. We will not unreasonably withhold our permission.

You must not park any caravans, boats or trailers, or any similar vehicle, on the land around your home unless you have previously obtained our agreement in writing.

Garden maintenance

The Council maintains communal garden areas. The Council is also able to offer assistance to vulnerable tenants to help them maintain their gardens. There is a weekly charge for this service.

More information and an application form can be obtained from your Housing Officer. You can call us on telephone number 01529 414155.

Open spaces and grassed areas

We are lucky to have so many open spaces and grassed areas on our estates, and we hope you will treat your local area with respect. Tenant representatives have agreed standards that should be achieved on every estate, and we work with residents to improve our estates.

The Council’s contractors cut the grass on our open spaces.