Tenancy agreement

Tenants handbook

The Tenant Handbook is available for download for tenants’ information. It contains many of the things that a tenant needs to know about the Housing and Property Services on offer.

Tenancy agreement

Your tenancy agreement explains your rights and responsibilities as a tenant, and the Council’s responsibilities as your Landlord.

You are also covered by ‘Your rights as a Council Tenant’ as outlined by the Government. Copies of this leaflet are available from the Council offices and Online.

When you accepted the tenancy of your home, you agreed to the conditions set out in the tenancy agreement. This is a set of written rules that everyone must follow.

If any of the rules in the tenancy agreement are broken we can take legal action against you. We will notify you in writing of what part of the agreement you have breached. It may be something you have done or failed to do. You will then be given the opportunity to put it right. We will make every effort to sort problems out with you. If you continue to breach your tenancy agreement, the Council will serve you with a ‘Notice Seeking Possession’.

One important aim of the tenancy agreement is to ensure a good relationship between you, the Council and your neighbours.