Essential information for two coming elections

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All voters at a Polling Station will need to show one of the required types of photo ID in order to be able to vote.

There are two elections taking place on May 2 - one for Lincolnshire's next Police & Crime Commissioner and the other a by-election in Heckington's West Ward.

There are five candidates vying to be Lincolnshire’s Police & Crime Commissioner for the next four years. An election will take place across the area on May 2 after the following candidates put their names forward.

  • DICKASON, David (English Democrats – “More Police – catching criminals!”)
  • ESCREET, Peter Anthony (Reform UK)
  • HORDER, Mike (Labour Party)
  • JONES, Marc (Conservative Candidate – More Police, Safer Streets)
  • ROLLINGS, Lesley Anne (Liberal Democrat)

For wider information relating to this election, see:

As with all elections you can only vote if you are registered to do so, and you now need to ensure you have with you a recognised form of photo ID, if you choose to vote at a polling station.

Arrangements for voting by post or through a proxy can also be made – which also require you to be a registered voter.

  • The deadline for registering to vote for this election is midnight on Tuesday, April 16. It’s quick and easy to do at Having your National Insurance number to hand makes it even easier.
  • The deadline to apply for a new postal vote or to amend/cancel an existing postal or proxy vote is 5pm on Wednesday, April 17. See: Apply for a postal vote - GOV.UK (
  • The deadline to apply for a new proxy vote is 5pm on Wednesday, April 24. Certain proxy applications can also be made online, including those for one specific election date only. See: Apply for a proxy vote - GOV.UK (
  • Check now whether you have one of the ID types needed. If not, you can access a free one that will be valid for elections for up to 10 years. The deadline to apply for a Voter Authority Certificate is 5pm on Wednesday, April 24. See: Apply for photo ID to vote (called a ‘Voter Authority Certificate’) - GOV.UK (
  • The deadline to apply for an emergency proxy is 5pm on Thursday, May 2 and this must be your own medical/work related emergency which has occurred since 5pm on Wednesday, April 24.

A further election will take place in Heckington on May 2, with a parish ward by-election being held on that day.

In addition to the election arranged for May 2 to choose Lincolnshire’s Police & Crime Commissioner, electors within the West Ward of the parish council area will get to select a new parish councillor after two villagers stepped forward for the contest, Andrew Davison and Jacki Wright. 

Candidate details can be found in the Statement of Persons Nominated at 

There will be no poll cards issued for the parish council by-election, but polling arrangements will be the same for the PCC election. The two elections will run side-by-side. See the bullet points above for the important dates you need to remember on registering to vote, applying for a new postal vote, amending/cancelling an existing postal or proxy vote, applying for a new proxy vote and a Voter Authority Certificate if you need one.

Also this year, a general election must be held before January 28, 2025.

With all of these elections taking place, anyone wanting to vote must ensure they are registered to do so, and that they have with them at the polling station one of the approved forms of photo ID. Information on how to register, what types of photo ID are accepted and how to get an alternative Voter Authentication Certificate can be found at  

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