Ending a tenancy

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Moving home can be a stressful experience. When you move out of your property, either to transfer into another Council property or somewhere else, it is hard to remember everything you need to do.

You must give four weeks notice in writing if you are moving out of your home. When you let us know you are moving out of your home, we will send you a “termination notice” to sign. A termination notice is a document, which ends your tenancy. The only time you do not have to give four weeks notice is when you are transferring to another North Kesteven District Council tenancy.

Returning the keys


You must return all keys by noon on the Monday following the last day of your tenancy. A receipt will be issued when the keys are returned. In the case of a dispute, you will need the receipt.


You may be recharged for the costs and administration, where we consider that certain work is your responsibility when leaving your property. For example,

  • Repairs required where damage is not due to general wear and tear
  • Your house and garden have not been cleared of rubbish before you leave the property
  • Any fixtures and fitting that you have added which need to be removed and
  • Removal of sheds, greenhouses, garden furniture and pots etc.

If in doubt please contact a Repairs Officer for more information.

You may not be allowed to move to another council property in the future if you owe us money.

What else should I arrange before handing in the keys?

  • Read the electricity meter and tell your supplier you are moving
  • Turn off the water at the stop-cock
  • Notify Post Office of change of address
  • Tell Telephone Company you are moving
  • Turn gas supply off, read meter and tell supplier you are moving
  • Cancel milk and newspaper deliveries

Rent and benefits

Rent account

When you hand in your keys, your rent account must be clear. If you are unable to pay any unpaid rent in full, you should discuss this with your Housing Officer. We will ask you to make a weekly payment arrangement to clear the debt. If you are not moving to another council tenancy, you must give us a forwarding address and telephone number so we can contact you.

If you do not clear your rent account, or make arrangements to pay outstanding rent through regular payments, North Kesteven District Council will take further action to get back the money you owe.  We may use tracing agents and debt collection agencies to help us.  We may also take legal action to recover the debt.

Housing Benefit and Council Tax

You must inform the Benefits Service of any change of address.

If you already receive Housing Benefit or Council Tax Benefit, you must tell the Benefits Service your new address as soon as possible. This is to make sure you continue to receive all money.


Remember to make arrangements for your pets when you move. If you are not allowed to keep pets in your new home, telephone the RSPCA for advice. Alternatively your Housing Officer may be able to give you other useful telephone numbers. If you are moving to another Council property it is very important that you check if pets are allowed in your new home.

You will be breaking the conditions of tenancy if you take pets where they are not allowed. This may result in court action being taken against you.

Joint tenancy

If you are a joint tenant you should be aware of the following:

  • One joint tenant can end the tenancy on behalf of all joint tenants. We do not need the agreement of all joint tenants.
  • Each of the joint tenants is responsible for all debts. We will not divide a debt between tenants, but pursue all joint tenants until the full debt is paid.