North Kesteven Local Wildlife Site Reviews 2008-2010

During the period 2008 to 2010 North Kesteven District Council has appointed Ecology Consultancy to carry out a review of existing and candidate Local Wildlife Sites (LWS) in North Kesteven. This is in accordance with Government advice contained in Planning Policy Statement 9 - ‘Biodiversity and Geological Conservation’, which states that Local Sites have a fundamental role to play in meeting overall biodiversity targets, contributing to the quality of life and the well being of the community and in supporting research and education.

In total, 175 sites have been surveyed over a three year period. 66 sites were surveyed in 2008, 55 sites were surveyed in 2009 and a further 54 sites were surveyed in 2010. The sites were assessed in accordance with guidance contained in the document “Local Wildlife Sites - Guidance for their Identification & Selection in the Historic County of Lincolnshire” published by the Wildlife Sites Review Group (a sub-group of the Lincolnshire BAP Partnership).

Following these surveys, the results were then made available to the Local Wildlife Sites Panel, which is a sub group of the Lincolnshire Biodiversity Partnership (LBP). North Kesteven District Council is a fully signed up member of this partnership. The LBP is a partnership of a wide range of groups including the County Council, District Councils, the Environment Agency, conservation groups, the National Farmers Union and the Ministry of Defence. Its general aim is to record, preserve and improve biodiversity throughout Lincolnshire.

The role of the Wildlife Sites Panel can be considered as a way of quality assuring the evidence collected as part of the Local Wildlife Sites Review. Of the 175 sites assessed, the Panel recommended 88 for adoption as Local Wildlife Sites.

The Local Wildlife Sites Reviews and the Panel’s recommendations on these studies will be used as evidence as part of the emerging Local Development Framework, which may result in these sites being included on any new Proposals Map that is prepared as part of the LDF, and/or such sites may be subject to criteria based policies in future Local Development Plan Documents.

The Local Wildlife Sites Review Reports can be viewed or downloaded by selecting the relevant pdf in the attachments below.