Central Lincolnshire Local Plan 2018-2040

The Central Lincolnshire Local Plan (CLLP) 2018-2040 was adopted by the Central Lincolnshire Joint Strategic Planning Committee (CLJSPC) on 13 April 2023 and it now replaces the 2017 version of the CLLP as the development plan for the City of Lincoln, West Lindsey and North Kesteven District Councils.

The adopted Central Lincolnshire Local Plan, Policies Map, Inset Maps, Sustainability Appraisal, Habitats Regulation Assessment and all associated documents are available to view and download from the Central Lincolnshire website.

The aim of the Local Plan is to set out plans and policies that help create places that are sustainable and attractive to live in. The Local Plan works together with other plans and policies, such as economic, housing and environmental strategies.

For more information visit the Central Lincolnshire website or contact a member of the Central Lincolnshire Local Plan team by email, or call on on 01529 308089 or 01529 308087.

text with background | Central Lincolnshire Local Plan 2012 - 2036

The 2007 North Kesteven Local Plan has now been superseded by the Central Lincolnshire Local Plan, but has been archived for your information.

text with background | 2017 CLLP links

The 2017 CLLP, previous stages and supporting information has been archived on the Central Lincolnshire website: