Planning compliance and enforcement

Due to the current Covid-19 outbreak, Central Government has ordered the temporary relaxation of some planning rules.  Some of these changes will affect our residents and businesses. These changes currently include:

- Temporary relaxation of planning controls to change the use of pubs and restaurants to hot food takeaway and delivery services.

- Temporary relaxation of planning permissions for premises involved in the sale, distribution and delivery of food and other essential supplies. Breaches of permitted delivery hours for these premises are unlikely to be enforced for the duration of the outbreak.

- In most cases where planning permissions impose restrictions on working hours for construction activities, these are now temporarily relaxed to allow works to take place between 7.00am and 9.00pm Monday to Saturday (inclusive).  

The Council will update these changes in line with Government announcements.

The Council’s Compliance and Enforcement Team is part of the Development, Economic and Cultural Services Division. The Compliance and Enforcement Team is responsible for the investigation and enforcement of breaches of planning control, listed building control and advertisement control, reports of untidy land, tree preservation, and proactive development monitoring.

Compliance and enforcement enquiries can be made to us either:

Further information about Planning Enforcement in North Kesteven can be found in the download section.