Do I need planning permission?

Interactive guides

You can submit a request by using our Householder enquiry form or you can explore the Planning Portal’s Interactive House for guidance on permitted development and many common householder projects at:

Householder pre-application advice

You can find out if you need planning permission to extend your property by completing a Householder Enquiry Form. There is no charge for this service

If you want a Planning Officers informal view on the design merits of a particular proposal to extend a property then you can apply to do so by submitting the details on a Householder Pre-Application Form. The fee charged is £89 (inc VAT).

Alternatively, the Council has produced a Householder Design Guide to help householders and developers when preparing planning applications for alterations or extensions to existing properties. The Guide includes advice on the design principles that should inform the design and appearance of new extensions and alterations to dwellings.


You can also find out if you require planning permission for non-householder related proposals. For example, you can find out if permission is required to operate a business or to erect signage. The non-householder enquiry form is available here. There is no charge for this service.

Please Remember

Planning Officers will help you as much as they can. However, the advice that you will be given is informal only and made without prejudice to the final decision of the Council on your planning application.