Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects (NSIPs)

A Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project (NSIP) is a major project considered by central Government to be of such a scale to be of national significance and importance. The entry of projects in to the NSIP consenting regime is governed by different size thresholds and include those schemes relating to energy generation, storage and transfer; transport; water; waste-water; and waste. The legislation provides the means for an NSIP to secure a single permission, a Development Consent Order (DCO), for all the elements of a project such as, but not limited to, planning permission, approvals under the Highways Act, compulsory purchase etc. A decision on an application for a DCO is determined at a national level by the relevant Secretary of State.

The process is administered by the National Infrastructure Planning unit which is part of the Planning Inspectorate. The National Infrastructure Planning unit has published a brief useful guide to NSIPs which gives an overview of these projects and the application process and may answer several questions that residents of North Kesteven might have.

The council has a role to play in NSIPs but only as a consultee - the council is not the examining authority nor do the council make the final decision on these projects. Residents with queries are advised to contact NSIP project leads, and for the avoidance of doubt, only representations made directly to the relevant project will form part of the assessment.

The determination of NSIP applications is undertaken by the National Infrastructure Planning unit who will appoint an Examining Authority. The Examining Authority may be a single inspector/examiner or more often a panel, that will set out a programme for the examination, including hearing sessions. The Examining Authority will prepare a report and recommendation for the Secretary of State.

Below there is a list of the current NSIPs with the District. Each links directly to the relevant landing page for each project and contact details are also provided.

Proposed NSIPs within the North Kesteven district

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