Local List of Non-Designated Heritage Assets

Buildings and structures that are nationally important for their architectural or historic interest are ‘Statutory Listed’, and more commonly known as ‘Listed Buildings’. North Kesteven has many buildings which, although they do not meet the national criteria for listing, are locally distinctive, and make a significant contribution to the historical, architectural and social character of the district, its villages and countryside.

Non-designated heritage assets represent the tier below designated heritage assets (such as Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas), and generally comprise buildings and structures, but could also include locally important parks, gardens, cemeteries, or archaeological monuments and sites.

We are updating the register of these locally listed heritage assets on a parish-by-parish basis, and we have previously consulted on revised criteria for the inclusion of entries onto the local list. A copy of the final adopted criteria for local list inclusion will be published in due course.  

As there are more than a thousand entries on the Council’s current local list, some of which were last surveyed in the 1970s, the update and revision of the local list is likely to be an extensive process. Therefore, whilst the full list is not currently available on the website, advice on whether a property is currently included on the local list can be obtained from the Planning team by emailing planning@n-kesteven.gov.uk.