Conservation Area Reviews

From time to time conservation areas are reviewed with the aim of ensuring that the area justifies such status because of its special architectural or historic interest. A Conservation Area Appraisal is prepared which sets out the special qualities of the area which merit preserving and enhancing and a Management Plan is also produced which sets out how conservation areas can be improved along with local priorities for targeted enhancements. 

To date, North Kesteven District Council has undertaken 18 Conservation Area Reviews. The most recent completed review was Welbourn Conservation Area which was formally adopted by Full Council in December 2021, preceded by Waddington Conservation Area in October 2020, Beckingham and Silk Willoughby Conservation Areas in October 2019, Metheringham Conservation Area (November 2018) and Branston Conservation Area (March 2018).

Prior to that, reviews of Coleby and Rauceby Hospital Conservation Areas were adopted in September 2017, along with Sleaford, Bassingham and Navenby in 2016 and Heckington Village and Station in 2015. The Conservation Areas in Wilsford, Billinghay, Heighington, Harmston and Nocton were reviewed in 2007/2008. The new boundaries, appraisals and management plans can be found in the downloads section below. The Council will be undertaking a review of Washingborough Consrvation Area in 2022. 

For more general information and advice on Conservation Areas please see the related page below and for further information on the reviews please email planning services.

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Current conservation area reviews

As part of a rolling programme of prioritised conservation area reviews, the Council will be consulting on the draft Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plan for Washingborough in Spring 2022. Further details will be available on here in due course. 

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