The NK Plan 2018-21

The District Council’s Corporate Plan - the NK Plan - sets out the vision that the Council has for North Kesteven and the priorities, activities and resources planned for the next 3 years, 2018-21, to work towards the achievement of the vision.

The NK Plan 2018-21 sets out to:

  • Set the context for North Kesteven as a district
  • Summarise the Council’s strategy, budget and performance framework for the next three years
  • Provide a set of ambitions and actions to deliver the vision and corporate priorities of the Council
  • Focus delivery throughout the Council
  • Guide, alongside the Community Plan, the Council’s work with partners to deliver a common purpose

The NK Plan is reviewed annually.  A consultation process has been undertaken with residents, partners and other stakeholders to review and fine tune the proposals resulting in the addition of a new fifth corporate priority – Our Environment – to sit alongside the existing priorities of Our Communities, Our Council, Our Economy, and Our Homes. The NK Plan 2018-21 was approved at the Full Council Meeting held 6th March 2018.

Within the downloads section you can view a PDF version of the NK Plan 2018-21 along with the full consultation reports for both 2017-20 and 2018-21, plus a summary of the ambitions and key areas of activity that underpin each of the four priorities.