NK Values

As the environment continued to change in which the Council operated, it was important the organisation reviewed its Purpose, Priorities and Values to ensure they matched the focus and culture of the Council.

Values are intended to help the Council achieve its aims and objectives and underpin the way it operates as an organisation. Values provide a structured way of highlighting the skills and behaviours colleagues need to demonstrate in order to deliver quality services.

As part of the review of the Core Values, a consultation exercise was undertaken in 2015 enabling colleagues to choose the values of the Council. As part of this process, people picked values that they thought best reflected the culture of North Kesteven District Council and the behavioural expectation of colleagues. Everyone was given the opportunity to participate in the consultation exercise and it was agreed that the Values should be chosen from the list that had the most respondents. 

image | NKDC core values
NKDC core values