Licensing fees

View this year's licence fees and charges in the downloads section.

The documents include licensing fees for:

  • Taxi and Private Hire Vehicle, Driver and Operator Licences
  • Alcohol and Entertainment Licences
  • Gambling Licence and Permits (including lotteries)
  • Scrap Metal Site and Collector licences

and public protection licensing fees for:

  • Animals, including:
    • Animal Boarding Licences
    • Home Boarding Licences
    • Day Care of Dogs
    • Dog Breeding
    • Pet Shops
    • Riding Establishments
    • Dangerous Wild Animals
    • Zoos
    • Performing Animals
  • Skin Piercing, including Acupuncture and Tattooist licences
  • Caravan Sites
  • Housing in Multiple Occupancy
  • Export Certificates
  • General Food Charges