Application Fees for Hire Vehicles, Drivers and Operator Licensing

Notice of fees

Notice is hereby given that North Kesteven District Council, in exercise of its powers under Sections 53 and 70 of the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1976, has determined that the fees charged for the licensing of Private Hire and Taxi Drivers, Vehicles and Operators should vary as specified in the table below.

This table shows the application fees charged for licensing of private hire, taxi drivers, vehicles and operators. Please note that the Partial Plate Kit excludes a bracket)
Application / Charge 2024 / 25 Fee
Hire Driver Licence Grant (1 Year) £148.86
Hire Driver Licence Renewal (1 Year) £151.41
Hire Driver Licence Grant (3 Years) £214.42
Hire Driver Licence Renewal (3 Years) £216.98
Criminal Record Check £40
DVLA Record Check £9
Change of Assigned Operator £25.92
Replacement Licence / Badge £5
Driver Knowledge Test £25
PH / Hackney Vehicle New / Renew (Full Plate Set) £136.43
PH / Hackney Vehicle New / Renew (Partial Plate Set) £127.63
Vehicle Replacement £100.50
Detail Change £25.92
Operator Change / Licence Transfer £23.70
Replacement Licence Plate (Full Kit) £19.86
PH Operator Licence Grant (5 Year Licence) £201.79
PH Operator Licence Renewal (5 Year Licence) £206.42

The above variations will come into effect on 1 April 2024. If any objections are received in response to this notice, then on a date not later than 2 months from the expiration of the notice period, the variations shall come into force with or without modifications after consideration of the objection(s). Any objections to the above variations should be sent to the address below, stating the grounds thereof, before the expiration of the notice period. The expiration of the notice period is 5pm on 4 March 2024.

Objections may be forwarded to the licensing team by email via or by post, using the following address.

David Steels
Assistant Director of Environment and Public Protection
North Kesteven District Council
Kesteven Street
NG34 7EF