Renewable energy choices

Generating energy from renewable and low carbon sources makes use of secure, local resources and reduces the dependence on non-renewable energy. This helps to reduce the production of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases as well as supporting the renewable energy industry.

The technology for generating heat and electricity from renewable sources is changing rapidly. We can get you started with renewable technology to help understand the process to follow.

For different types of technologies there may be grants and incentive payments available. To find out more about the different technologies available and which is right for you please go to the Energy Saving Trust website to get started. There are also details of any incentive payments that may be available depending on which technology you choice.

There is a solar energy calculator and wind speed prediction tool available on the Energy Saving Trust website that work out how much you can benefit from these technologies.

When looking for an installer we strongly recommend you get at least three quotes from different companies. Also to ensure the works you have done are eligible for any incentive payments always check any company you use is complaint and fully registered according to any scheme required.

Getting started with renewables

If you are considering installing renewable technology for your home, business premises or on a community building we recommend you complete 5 steps.