Community led sustainability projects can be supported in a number of ways.

There is a wide range of different support and funding options available for community projects. There is lots of  information about funding on the Energy Saving Trust financial support webpages.


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Community project ideas

Car share

People who want to go online to find a local traveller who may be able to share some journeys can go to the Lincshare website to flag up their frequent journeys. This service will put you in touch with potential car-sharers by email first so you can decide whether to take the plunge.

Community energy initiatives

There is a detailed guide aimed at communities who may be interested in energy activities or projects on the Government website for community energy. This includes details of all the advice as well as financial support available for community energy projects.

There is also advice available for community led projects from the Energy Saving Trust, who have produced a series of ‘how to’ guides available. These are designed to give you advice on various aspects of running a successful community energy project.

The Government has published the UK’s first Community Energy Strategy in 2014 which explains the role that communities can play in helping to meet the UK’s energy and climate change challenges.

Energyshare is a not-for profit organisation which aims to give everyone the opportunity to source, use and even generate their own 100% British renewable energy - and save money doing it. It brings people together in person and online to make a difference at every level - from individual households to community projects and national influence. Its website is packed with everything from funding opportunities and inspiring cases studies to energy saving tips and information on gathering local support.

Bulk oil buying

The power of collective purchasing can keep your central heating oil prices down. This is possible because the supplier saves money on transport by delivering to households situated near to each other.

A bulk oil buying scheme is run by YMCA Lincolnshire. More information about the scheme can be found by emailing YMCA Lincolnshire.

School and kids

Schools are in an excellent position to teach children of today how to live a more sustainable life for the future.

The Sustainability Team at NKDC can offer support to schools and their eco councils to deliver sustainable actions. We advocate schools signing up to the international Eco-schools awards programme which is available to all schools. We can support schools to reach the different sustainability award levels within the Eco-Schools programme. Get in touch to find out how we can help your school.

Lincolnshire County Council also provides support and resources to Lincolnshire schools through their sustainable schools programme.

There are also free recycling waste collections available to all schools within North Kesteven.