I have received a visit from the Enforcement Agent / Bailiff

Government changes

There were Government changes made on the 6th April 2014 concerning Bailiffs who from this point are known as Enforcement Agents.

  • Enforcement Agents (previously known as Bailiffs prior to the 6th April 2014)

  • Cases can be sent to Enforcement Agents to recover the debt.
  • There is a Fixed Administration Fee of £75.00 applied when the Enforcement Agent is sent each case, this is known as a ‘compliance fee’

  • A letter is sent and if there is no response to this first contact an Enforcement Agent will make a first visit, at this point an Enforcement Fee of £235.00 will be added, plus a further fee of 7.5% on debts above £1500.00 applied.
  • If goods are removed to cover the cost of the debt, a sale fee of £110.00 plus 7.5% on debts above £1500.00 is applied, when attending for the purpose of transporting goods to place of sale. This does not have to be physical removal but evidence of steps - example tow truck ordered/invoiced A subsequent arrangement made could include the removal fees.

The charges involved are set out in legislation and are considerable. It is advisable to avoid matters reaching this stage.

If your debt is passed to the Enforcement Agents, it is no longer negotiable with the authority, you will need to contact the enforcement agents directly, to discuss payment arrangements.

Enforcement Agents

We use Marston Holdings and Bristow & Sutor Enforcement Agents. See our useful links for more information.