Housing strategies and policies

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Housing Revenue Account Business Plan 2021-2051

A revised HRA Business Plan for 2021-2051 was approved by the Council in July 2022; the plan sets out the Council’s short-to-medium term plans and priorities for its Housing and Property services, and provides a long term (30 year) outlook on stock investment and financial planning.

Homelessness strategy

The County Council’s homelessness Strategy has been developed with the authorities other local plans, programmes and strategies. Further information can be found on the Lincolnshire Homelessness Strategy webpages. 

Supporting Tenants During Improvement Works

The Council carries out a range of improvement works to Council properties. In some circumstances, additional support may be provided to tenants to enable these works to be completed, as laid out in the Tenant Support During Improvement Works Policy.

Tenancy Policy

The Tenancy Policy sets out NK’s approach to managing tenancies.


You can view our Standards.

Anti Social Behaviour

You can download our Anti Social Behaviour Strategy. You can also download the Anti-Social Behaviour (Housing) Policy Statement

Disabled Facilities Policy

You can download our Disabled Facilities Policy.

Safeguarding Policy

You can download our Safeguarding Policy.

Social Housing Fraud Policy

You can download our Social Housing Fraud Policy.

Managing Our Estates

You can download our policy on Managing Our Estates.

Gas & Heating Safety Management Policy

Water Hygiene Policy

You can download our Water Hygiene Policy.

Management and Control of Asbestos Policy

Discretionary Payments to Tenants Policy

Central Lincolnshire Tenancy Strategy

The Central Lincolnshire authorities of City of Lincoln Council, North Kesteven District Council and West Lindsey District Council have published a joint Tenancy Strategy, following a period of consultation.

The key aim of the Tenancy Strategy is to make the best use of the social housing stock in order to provide homes for those households who are unable to meet their own housing needs within the Central Lincolnshire area.

The requirement for local authorities to produce and publish a Tenancy Strategy for their area was brought in by the Localism Act 2011, which introduced a number of important changes for social housing.

The Tenancy Strategy sets out the Councils’ approach to such things as the type and length of tenancies to be used and the circumstances when tenancies would be reviewed. These guidelines will apply both for the management of the Councils’ own properties, where applicable, and for other providers of social and affordable housing within the area who must consider this strategy when they develop their own policies for managing their properties.

You can download our Central Lincolnshire Tenancy Strategy.

Central Lincolnshire Housing Growth Delivery Plan

The Central Lincolnshire authorities of City of Lincoln Council, North Kesteven and West Lindsey District Councils, Lincolnshire County Council and the Local Plans team have published a Delivery Plan following a period of consultation.

The population of Central Lincolnshire is growing and ageing. Housing growth is necessary to enable young people, families and older people to access homes they can afford which meet their needs. This will ensure that Central Lincolnshire has a ‘balanced’ population and economic prosperity into the future.

The Housing Growth Delivery Plan sets out the housing issues and challenges facing Central Lincolnshire. It identifies five strategic housing priorities:

  • Support a carbon neutral future and address climate change
  • Deliver sustainable housing growth
  • Deliver affordable housing
  • Deliver housing to meet a range of needs and circumstances
  • Regeneration and making best use of the housing stock

The Delivery Plan contains an action plan which details how these priorities will be addressed in partnership with other public, private and third sector organisations, together with the resources required.

You can download and view the Central Lincolnshire Housing Growth Delivery Plan.

Resident Engagement Strategy

Read more about the Resident Engagement Strategy on our Getting involved and making a difference page.

Housing Delivery Plan 2020-23

The North Kesteven Housing Delivery Plan 2020-23 provides a framework for NKDC's actions in relation to housing. It brings together in one place the varied roles and functions which are performed by the different teams across the Council.

Income Policy and Recharge Policy

The Housing & Property Services Income Policy sets out the approach to setting, communication, collection and enforcement of rent and other housing-related charges. It is supported by the Recharge Policy, which sets out the approach to chargeable works.

Inclusive housing strategy

You can download our inclusive housing strategy.

Housing Data Strategy and ICT Plan

View or download our Housing Data Strategy and Housing ICT Plan.

Housing Damp and Mould Policy

View or download our Housing Damp and Mould Policy.