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Please note that North Kesteven District Council do not offer pest treatment services – if you would like someone to treat your rat or mice problem please contact a pest control company

Report a rat or mice problem

The sighting of rats independently does not imply there is an infestation. Rats can travel up to 2 miles in search of food and water. If you have noted vermin in the vicinity of your home, this is a natural occurrence as they will be searching for food/water. In order to minimise sightings and potential infestations, please ensure that all waste is stored securely in your wheeled bins, and any unwanted animal bedding/food is cleared away and fresh supplies kept securely stored.

If, after undertaking the steps below you are still experiencing a persistent rat or mice problem then please do not hesitate to contact us using our vermin complaint form.

How to deal with rats and mice

  • Firstly, try to find the source of the problem and, if they are inside your property, find out how they have entered.
  • Try blocking holes you find with newspaper and come back over the next few days to see which holes have been re-opened. You can then permanently seal all access holes.
  • If you can’t find the source of the problem then eliminate accessible food and water supplies.
  • Ensure there is no water coming from dripping pipes, hose pipes, taps etc. Rats and mice often eat from bird feeders – ensure the feeders are secured or removed before dusk each day.
  • Try to remove or clear out any possible refuge / breeding spaces.
  • Keep your garden and home tidy – cut your grass and do not allow your garden to become overgrown.
  • If the problem persists after you have undertaken the steps above then you may wish to use traps, poison or bait or, alternatively, contact a local pest control specialist. Many local specialists can be found via a simple internet search.
  • If the above methods provide no success then do not hesitate to contact us using our vermin complaint form.