Nuisance birds

Many people enjoy interacting with wildlife and feeding birds. However, sometimes overfeeding birds can result in them occurring in large numbers, which can be very problematic.

Large numbers of birds can result in a substantial amount of bird droppings, which are unsightly and their acid corrodes stonework and damages buildings. Droppings on pavements can become slippery when wet and pose a hazard to passing pedestrians. Droppings, nest material and dead birds can block guttering and drains and cause water damage to buildings.

There is very little that can be done to prevent birds from causing a nuisance. Proofing a building or structure can deter the birds from roosting or nesting and this can cause birds to search for another suitable place to roost or set up a nest. Where birds have settled on an adjacent building and are causing problems you should speak to the owner or occupier of the building.

Before undertaking any action (except proofing out of the nesting season) we recommend that you seek expert advice on current legislation from DEFRA on 0207 904 6000 or by visiting their webpage.