Health and safety at work

What are we responsible for?

Enforcement of health and safety legislation is split between the local authority and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

Local authority environmental health departments are responsible for the following types of premises:

  • offices (except government offices) 
  • shops 
  • hotels 
  • restaurants 
  • leisure premises 
  • nurseries and playgroups 
  • pubs and clubs 
  • museums (privately owned) 
  • places of worship 
  • sheltered accommodation and care homes 

We do the following

  • Inspect work places to ensure compliance with health and safety law, in accordance with national and local priorities
  • Investigate relevant workplace accidents in accordance with the HSE Incident Selection Criteria
  • Investigate complaints about health, safety or welfare in work premises
  • License particular premises (eg skin piercing, sex shops)
  • Offer advice about health and safety at events being held at Licensed Premises
  • Give advice to customers and stakeholders on health and safety matters
  • Work with other health professionals locally and nationally

Help us to help you

You can help us by:

  • Co-operating with any request for information to progress an inspection or investigation
  • Being prepared to allow time to discuss the outcome and recommendation arising from a premises inspection or investigation

Contact details

Telephone: 01529 414155