The Chairman and Civic Functions

The role and responsibility of the Chairman to North Kesteven District Council, as the civic and ceremonial head of the Council, is to be an ambassador representing the Council and the communities of North Kesteven which they serve.

  • Working in a proactive way to ensure the authority’s aims, objectives and priorities are met and to promote good practice.
  • Building connections and bringing information to the authority from experiences learned.
  • Host main civic events.
  • Welcome visitors to the authority’s area.
  • Network within the community through stakeholders, community groups, public and the voluntary sector, to achieve mutual understanding relating to activities and projects being undertaken.
  • To preside over principal meetings of the Council and to ensure that Council meetings are conducted in a professional manner and in accordance with the procedure laid down in the Local Government Act 1972 and in the Council’s Standing Orders.
  • Impartially and objectively encouraging appropriate participation and offering feedback.

Currently in office at North Kesteven District Council:

  • The Chairman – Councillor Mrs Susannah Barker-Milan
    Named Consorts: Mr Wayne Barker (Chairman's Husband) or in his absence, Mr Edwin Smith (Friend).
  • The Vice-Chairman – Councillor Mrs Lucille Hagues
    Name Consort: Councillor Andrew Gibson Hagues (Vice-Chairman’s Husband).

The Chairman’s nominated charity is EDAN Lincs

EDAN Lincs Is a Domestic Abuse Service that covers the county of Lincolnshire, and provides support and assistance to men, women and children suffering, or fleeing from domestic abuse.

EDAN’s Vision

Life free from domestic abuse

EDAN’s Mission

To support and empower all those affected by domestic abuse. To raise awareness of the impacts of domestic abuse and promote intolerance of it.

EDAN’s Values

  • Protecting and Safeguarding
  • Professional and Responsive
  • Honest and Respectful
  • Listening and Non-Judgemental
  • Passionate and Committed


EDAN Lincs Domestic Abuse Service is a registered charity and relies on people like you to help them keep reaching the people in need. If you are able to support the Chairman’s nominated charity EDAN Lincs please donate to them via JustGiving. Donations are gratefully received. 

  • £2 would buy a child a selection box
  • £5 would buy toiletries for a family coming into refuge
  • £10 would pay for a Christmas Eve box or a gift for a survivor
  • £15 would buy nightwear for a survivor
  • £20 would buy a small food parcel for a family coming into refuge
  • £30 would buy a Christmas meal for a family in refuge

Contact Details

EDAN Lincs Domestic Abuse Service
Outreach Hours: Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm
Refuge Hours: Monday - Friday: 8.30am – 8.30pm
Tel: 01522 510041
General Enquiries:
Secure Email:

The Civic Officer is responsible for the day-to-day running of the Civic Office as follows: 

  • Provides support to the Chairman and Vice-Chairman in the delivery of their civic duties in respect of managing, organising, prioritising and co-ordinating their programme of civic engagements and commitments 
  • Acts as first point of contact receiving all requests for official engagements and liaises with other authorities and outside organisations involved. 
  • Programmes and manages the Council’s civic events hosted by the Chairman annually 
  • Manages the Chairman’s charity fund during the Chairman’s year of office 
  • Advices the Chairman and Vice-chairman on civic protocol

If you would like to invite the chairman to an event you can do so via our online form.

If the Chairman has attended an event recently and you would like to leave feedback, you can do so on our Chairman attendance satisfaction survey.

If you would like to contact the Chairman, or invite them to an event, please do so via the Civic Office.

Christmas Greetings from Cllr Mrs Susannah Barker-Milan, Chairman of North Kesteven District Council

At this time, as Chairman of North Kesteven District Council, I look to extend festive greetings and the gratitude and appreciation of everyone at the Council to those who continue to work through the holidays in support of our communities.

With all that this year has thrown at us, my first thought is to thank everyone for all that they have done – and continue to do – in keeping us safe, secure and shielded, supported, protected and well provided-for.

From our healthcare workers, those working in food factories in shops and those delivering ongoing public services, through to those who have initiated and enabled pop-up community Covid support groups or just reached out individually to neighbours in need, I thank you.

I do this on behalf of Members, officers and partners of the Council, but also on behalf of the entire community of North Kesteven.

This Christmas will undoubtedly be very different for families, those living alone, the elderly and the vulnerable; but I have every confidence that through the ongoing dedication of the Council and those working in support of our resilient communities we will all be well served in these challenging circumstances.

As manager of a specialist dementia care home I know all too well the pain of loss and I see and value every day the sacrifices that are made in the care of others. I am always mindful – and ever grateful – of the emergency services and armed forces, those working in hospitals and other healthcare settings, prisons, the police and caring professions and in this last year my mind has especially turned to those who are supporting those who are living in abusive relationships. 

It is for this reason that I have nominated EDAN Lincs, the county’s domestic abuse service, as my charity of choice. This sands for Ending Domestic Abuse Now. This Christmas, I hope that those of who have safe, secure and stable home lives are able to consider and support those men, women and children who need refuge and support at this time. If you can, please give generously the EDAN Lincs JustGiving page.

However we find ourselves marking Christmas, I hope that you enjoy a sense of the love, joy and peace which marks of this season of light across so many faiths and cultures. It is also my hope that you can find some small, spontaneous and sincere way to share some neighbourliness and kindnesses within your community – maybe by dropping next door with some home-baking or ad children’s crafted card; decorating a tree in your street or initiating a community sing along, festive scarecrow challenge or themed dressing up day .. all with social distancing and great care.

In this way, my hope is that we can all spread a smile, some warmth and a sprinkling of Christmas spirit close to home, to end the year on a highpoint that reflects the community gestures that have characterised 2020 just as much as the coronavirus has.

So many people give so generously of their time and comforts in support of others and we especially thank everyone who contributes to the welfare of others in their neighbourhoods and communities, undertaking supportive tasks whether it be collecting groceries, clearing snow from paths or just a few minutes of conversation. 

Good old-fashioned neighbourliness is a strength of life locally and one of the many things that makes North Kesteven such a wonderful place.

This was apparent in our recent celebration of the NK Community Champion Awards which showcased the motivation that drives so many in our District to give so selflessly, tirelessly and quietly in support of others; quite literally changing and saving lives.

We are so proud of all our communities and individuals who have exceptional determination to bring community spirit together, forming a solid foundation to life in our towns, villages, neighbourhoods, businesses, schools and homes. This outstanding characteristic makes North Kesteven a delightful place to live, and is, I know, the motivation for us all to do what we need to do in support of loved ones and strangers in anticipation of a happier, healthier and more hope-filled 2021. 

It is so important this Christmas that we all take a moment to stop and think of anyone we know in our street or wider community who may need extra support. Let’s all embolden the spirit of Christmas by helping each other now and generate positivity when moving forward into 2021. 

With warm wishes for a happy festive season.  Please stay safe.   If we collectively follow Government guidelines, together, through resilience, positivity and pride, we will recover and re-build our District of Flourishing Communities.

Councillor Mrs Susannah Barker Milan
Chairman & Ward Member for North Hykeham Mill