The Chairman and Civic Functions

The role and responsibility of the Chairman to North Kesteven District Council, as the civic and ceremonial head of the Council, is to be an ambassador representing the Council and the communities of North Kesteven which they serve.

  • Working in a proactive way to ensure the authority’s aims, objectives and priorities are met and to promote good practice.
  • Building connections and bringing information to the authority from experiences learned.
  • Host main civic events.
  • Welcome visitors to the authority’s area.
  • Network within the community through stakeholders, community groups, public and the voluntary sector, to achieve mutual understanding relating to activities and projects being undertaken.
  • To preside over principal meetings of the Council and to ensure that Council meetings are conducted in a professional manner and in accordance with the procedure laid down in the Local Government Act 1972 and in the Council’s Standing Orders.
  • Impartially and objectively encouraging appropriate participation and offering feedback.

Currently in office at North Kesteven District Council:

  • The Chairman for 2018-19 (elected 17th May 2018) – Councillor Geoff Hazelwood 
  • The Vice-Chairman for 2018-19 (elected 17th May 2018) – Councillor Mike Clarke 

The Chairman’s chosen Charity for 2018/19 is Sleaford Dementia Support. 

Sleaford Dementia Support, an independent charity which promotes activities for people living with dementia in the Sleaford area, including the villages.

The group meets on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday at St Denys Church Rooms for two hours from 1pm. Members are able to have fun and laugh by playing darts, jigsaw puzzles, pottery painting, keep fit, singing and playing musical instruments. They have outings to various places.

For more information please see Sleaford Dementia Support on Facebook.

You can also find further information and leave a donation on the Sleaford Dementia Support BT MyDonate webpage.

The Civic Officer is responsible for the day-to-day running of the Civic Office as follows: 

  • Provides support to the Chairman and Vice-Chairman in the delivery of their civic duties in respect of managing, organising, prioritising and co-ordinating their programme of civic engagements and commitments 
  • Acts as first point of contact receiving all requests for official engagements and liaises with other authorities and outside organisations involved. 
  • Programmes and manages the Council’s civic events hosted by the Chairman annually 
  • Manages the Chairman’s charity fund during the Chairman’s year of office 
  • Advices the Chairman and Vice-chairman on civic protocol

If you would like to invite the chairman to an event you can do so via our online form.

If the Chairman has attended an event recently and you would like to leave feedback, you can do so on our Chairman attendance satisfaction survey.

If you would like to contact the Chairman, or invite them to an event, please do so via the Civic Office.