Handy waste reminders for an egg-stra special Easter

The image is an illustration of three bins - green-lidded, black and brown. An Easter bunny is sat on the brown bin lid, one ear flopping down.
Bin days change only for Monday customers this Easter Bank Holiday period.

North Kesteven District Council is sharing a bumper basket of Easter waste information for households, including a Bank Holiday change to one usual bin day and the latest on signing up for its hassle-free garden waste collections.

There will be just one change to household bin collection dates in North Kesteven, affecting Easter Monday only (Monday April 1). Anyone with a black bin (and brown bins for those subscribed to the service) due for collection on that day should instead put them out by 6.30am on Saturday March 30.

Those with green-lidded or brown bin collections due on Good Friday (29 March) will have theirs collected as normal on that Friday. 

In fact there's still time to sign up for the Council’s garden waste service if not already – perfect for ensuring your Easter bouquets have somewhere to go once past their best, along with lots more of your garden waste. 

If you’re already a current 2023/24 garden waste customer, you can renew now for your subscription to continue on seamlessly into the new year’s programme of collections. The last collections for the current year’s service take place this week (w/c 18 March). If you pay by Direct Debit you do not need to do anything unless your details have changed, as your subscription will renew automatically.

If you’re thinking of joining the service as a brand new customer – welcome! 
It takes just a few minutes to sign up for this hassle-free way to deal with your grass mowings, pruned flowers and leaves, weeds, hedge cuttings, clean straw, small branches and your real Christmas tree (cut up), saving you from taking it to your Household Waste Recycling Centre or finding a properly licensed carrier. 

Visit www.n-kesteven.gov.uk/gardenwaste to sign up, or to renew if not on Direct Debit. You can also call 01529 414155. The £45 cost works out at under £2 per collection of a single existing brown bin, across 24 collections in total during the full year’s programme of collections.

For every-bunny at Easter, there are some items which need a little egg-stra time and effort to ensure they go in the right bin. Here’s our quick guide:

Easter egg packaging: Put the cardboard outer box in the purple-lidded bin, unless it’s foiled/glittery/dirty. If so, put in the black bin to be made into electricity. 

The inner insert, if plain cardboard, can go in the purple or purple-lidded bin. 
If it’s a plastic inner this should go in the green-lidded bin only, unless it’s brown or black plastic which must go in the black bin to be made into electricity.

Easter egg foil: We love to collect clean foil in green-lidded bins! If it’s dirty, put it in the black bin to be made into electricity.

Plastic wrappers, crisp bags, chocolate pouches, hot cross bun packets and more: These soft, scrunch-able plastics can’t be recycled at home. 
They can instead often to go soft plastic collection points in local shops.
If that’s not possible, put them in the black bin only to be made into electricity.

Easter greetings cards: These can go in purple or purple-lidded bins provided they are not foiled, shiny or glittery and non-paper embellishments are removed. If not they must go in the black bin only where they’ll be made into electricity. 

Decorations: Plastic Easter decorations can’t go in your recycling bin at home. 
Find a new home for them, or if they’re broken put them in the black bin to be made into electricity provided they’ve no electronics or batteries in.
If made of paper or cardboard – such as plain bunting with string removed – this can go into the purple or purple-lidded bin.

Toys and gifts: Whether these are fluffy stuffed animals, hard plastic Easter toys or things like plastic Easter egg buckets, these can be donated or taken to your Local Household Waste Recycling Centre if broken. 
Please do not put anything containing electronics or batteries in any of your household bins, including the black bin.

For the two Bank Holidays in May, customers with collections normally due on those Mondays (Monday May 6 and Monday May 27) are again asked to present their bins on the previous Saturday (4 May and 25 May respectively). To check your bin day anytime, visit www.n-kesteven.gov.uk/findmybinday 

If you’re ever unsure on what can go in your bins, there’s a range of information at www.n-kesteven.gov.uk/recycling including the Council’s Right Thing Right Bin leaflet and an A-Z of recycling on various items. 

Information on waste and recycling is also regularly shared on the Council’s channels @northkestevendc and you can get it straight into your inbox via the Council’s e-newsletters. Sign up at www.n-kesteven.gov.uk/stayconnected

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