Cremations and funerals

If there is no one to organise a funeral, the Council can take care of arrangements.

Normally, relatives of the deceased will appoint a funeral director to organise the funeral. His duties may include the moving of the body, arranging viewing of the deceased, and providing a coffin or hearse, among other things.

However, situations can arise where there is no one to take responsibility for arranging the funeral. In this instance, the Council has a duty to arrange the burial or cremation of the body, provided that the individual died, or was found dead, in their area, and that no suitable arrangements for the disposal of the body have been made, or are being made.

The Council cannot deal with any case where the funeral arrangements have been made.

Registering the death is regarded as the beginning of making the funeral arrangements. If the death has been registered, the Council will not be able to help in further arrangements, or make any payments.

For further advice please contact the Council.

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