Infrastructure Funding Reports

Infrastructure Funding Statements

Regulation 121A of the Community Infrastructure Levy Regulations 2010 requires the Council to publish an annual ‘Infrastructure Funding Statement’, detailing all CIL and section 106 receipts and expenditure.  Town and Parish Councils who receive CIL contributions are also required to publish their receipts and expenditure.

NKDC’s annual Infrastructure Funding Statements are available below.

Regulation 121C Annual CIL Rate Summary

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Annual CIL Rates Summary 2019

Annual CIL Rates Summary 2020

Annual CIL Rates Summary 2021

Annual CIL Rates Summary 2022

Annual CIL Rates Summary 2023

Annual CIL Rates Summary 2024

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Local Council Reporting

Town and Parish Councils are also required to report on their CIL income and expenditure.  A Town/Parish Council is required to publish a report if they have received or hold CIL income during a reporting year.  Not all Town and Parish Councils will therefore be required to publish a report.

All Town and Parish Council reports are also available below.

accordion | Local Council Infrastructure Funding Reports
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Infrastructure funding statements by year