Youngsters at risk in dangerous buildings

Date Published: 12 October 2020

Teenagers throughout North Kesteven are putting themselves at risk by exploring and playing in dangerous empty and derelict buildings.

That’s the view of the councillor with overview of community safety in North Kesteven, Cllr Steve Clegg, who is urging parents to check up on where their children are visiting before there is a serious incident.

“We have become aware of a growing number of cases when either curiosity or daring has taken young people into buildings that are dangerous because they have weak roofs and staircases, broken glass everywhere, rusty railings and holes in the ground.

“These buildings are really dangerous places and I want to urge parents to talk to their children because they are not only putting themselves at risk but they are also endangering others who have to challenge them because of where they are,” said Cllr Clegg.

As well as the physical danger youngsters are putting themselves in, the Council believes people visiting building sites and derelict buildings without authorisation could also face a criminal or civil prosecution.

If you know of a site where there is a problem please let the council know by emailing

Broken wall