Path cleared for next NK Plan

Date Published: 02 November 2022

A plan for investment in North Kesteven over the next three years can now progress, following agreement this week on the direction it should take.

The shape and scope of the NK Plan for 2023-26 was considered at a meeting of North Kesteven District Council's Executive Board on November 1.

The NK Plan maps out the authority’s commitments and investments in the District across five distinct priorities – our communities, the environment, our local economy, homes and actions within the Council. Also considered was the green thread throughout the plan, which joins together actions on climate throughout those five priorities, and the cost of living.

The plan covers a three-year period but is refreshed every year to measure progress and mark achievements, together with partners in it. It’ll now go forward to be consulted on more widely, and then a draft version shaped for consideration.

Updated plans to act on climate were approved by Executive Board at the meeting, followed by a report demonstrating the progress made locally on this global challenge. An overarching strategy on the aim to reach net zero by 2030 as a District now sits alongside a separate climate action plan which will enable yearly review and checks on the progress made.

Executive Board also approved strategies outlining the response to the rising cost of living and effectively tackling inequality, including the importance of partnership work.

Also presented was news of a Rural England Prosperity Fund potential allocation for a range of capital grant schemes in North Kesteven, if approved by Government.

That could include support for small rural businesses, large capital projects and for the wider visitor economy in the District, as well as support for groups with projects benefitting the community or contributing to net zero for the District. You can give your input on this now, by clicking here.

The Executive Board also heard and approved the Council’s Mid-Term Financial Strategy demonstrating continued, proactive planning for strong financial foundations.

The plan helps support the delivery of high-quality services and investments in North Kesteven, and sets out a positive agenda for financial resilience across a 10-year outlook. It also looks ahead to expected challenges already being planned for, including through continued focus on long-term income generation. 

A new Tenant Policy was approved at the meeting, as was the Lincolnshire Homelessness Strategy for continued partner working to reduce the likelihood of people becoming homeless and support those at risk of it or currently experiencing it.

You can listen back here to the meeting on November 1 to hear more.

Exec Board
Leader of North Kesteven District Council, Councillor Richard Wright, summarises the meeting.