Local Government Association Corporate Peer Challenge for North Kesteven

The LGA corporate peer challenge support offer is a cornerstone of the wider sector support programme for councils in England.  The peer challenge approach involves a team of experienced officers and members spending time with another council as “peers” to provide challenge and share learning. The peer teams spend significant time within councils to identify and address issues and challenge progress across five core themes covering local priorities and outcomes; organisational and place leadership; governance and culture; financial planning and management; and capacity for improvement. Participating councils receive a comprehensive report and recommendations from the peer team and then identify their own action plan to respond.  

North Kesteven District Council was delighted to welcome six peers from other local authorities and the LGA during the first week of last November for our Corporate Peer Challenge.  Over the four days in the district the peer team met with 111 people across 48 meetings, to gain insights into Council, its workings, its relationships with Members, colleagues, partners, residents and businesses.

The critical overview concluded that North Kesteven District Council is doing  well – being ‘strong, stable and financially secure’ with ‘effective relationships with partners’, ‘excellent ambitions for tackling climate change’ and providing ‘ good place leadership’ - and made some welcome recommendations for opportunities to develop further excellence.

The documents here include:

The Council’s Position Statement provided to the Peer Team in advance of their arrival; The full feedback report from the Corporate Peer Challenge Team received shortly before Christmas; Our summary overview of its findings; and Our Action Plan, unanimously approved by the Full Council Meeting of 27 January 2022, building on the key recommendations from the Peer Team.

The LGA has also published the full Peer Challenge Report on its website.

A formal review of progress against our Action Plan will be made by the LGA Peer Team this summer.