Register of interests

The Localism Act 2011 contains specific rules governing Disclosable Pecuniary Interests (DPIs) that apply to both District and Parish Councillors. There is a requirement for Councillors to register their DPIs and for this information to be available on the District Council website for public inspection. Failure to register a DPI is a criminal offence.

District Councillor interest forms are published on their individual web pages.

Parish Councillors’ Register of Interest forms can be found on the web page of each relevant parish council.

Councillors must not participate in any discussion or vote on any matter in which they are aware they have a DPI regardless of whether they are a Parish or District Councillor. More information can be found on our Standards page.

Adopting New Code of Conduct

The Council recently adopted the LGA Model Code of Conduct. Some Parish Councils are also considering the adoption. The adoption requires completion of a new register of interest form which is available in the Downloads section. Further guidance is also available in this section. Please note that there is a wider provision of land interest that includes, for example:

  • if you live in the parish, you should include your home address
  • please include any allotments you own or use
  • you should also include any property within the parish from which you receive rent, or of which you are the mortgagee.