Become a Councillor

There are different types of Councillors

  • County Councillor
  • District Councillor
  • Parish/Town Councillor

Find more information on the next scheduled elections

Vacancies may arise during the year and when they do, a Notice of Election is displayed within the councillors’ area and on this website. If a poll is requested to fill a vacancy and you wish to stand please contact Electoral Services on 01529 308238 to request a nomination pack

Independent or Political Party

You can choose to stand as an independent candidate or on behalf of a political party. Those standing as a political party candidate, can only do so if they are a member of that party and have been nominated by the party.

Nomination Pack

A nomination paper must be submitted to the Returning Officer by the specified election timetable deadline. The council’s Chief Executive is the Returning Officer. The candidate must agree to the nomination in writing for it to be valid. 

Election agents

Each candidate must appoint an election agent (candidates can serve as their own election agents) who is responsible for the proper management of the campaign. However election agents are not appointed for Town or Parish elections.

Campaign material is subject to restrictions under electoral and publishing law, but all posters, placards and bills that refer to the election must include: the name and address of each of the printer, publisher and promoter of the material.


Having been validly nominated you can then campaign for votes within your area and await the result on Election Day. However there is a period known as ‘purdah’ which restricts publicity and rules regarding media coverage of the election campaign. Purdah begins with the last date for publication of notice of election. For more information you can visit the Electoral Commission Website on the Websites tab.

For more information about becoming a Councillor and the workload involved please download the Becoming a Councillor guide or go to the Electoral Commission website or Direct Gov website.