Political structure

Political leadership is provided by the Councillors who are elected by residents.

Elections are held every four years, the last one being May 2019. The 43 seats are currently broken down like this:

Political structure
The NK Administration Group 30
NK Independents Group (Lincolnshire Independents and Independents)
 Vacancy 0

North Kesteven District Council currently has no overall majority and the Council has a new model of political collaboration and partnership led by The NK Administration Group. 

Once elected, the Councillors in turn elect their own Leader, who then appoints an Executive Board. In December 2010, the Council voted to adopt the Strong Leader and Executive model in line with the Local Government and Public Involvement in Health Act 2007. This means that the Leader of the Council is elected by Full Council for a 4-year term.

The Executive Board is at the heart of the day-to-day decision making process. Major items of policy, such as the setting of the Council’s budget, are decided by all Councillors at the Full Council meeting. The Executive Board has a key role in proposing the budget and policy framework to the Council.

Further information on the Executive Board including Member Areas of Responsibility.

A full breakdown of the Political Management Structure can be found in the downloads section.