The Council takes its responsibility to protect the environment seriously. We have been working on being the most efficient we can be and supporting others on the sustainability and climate change agendas for many years. In 2012 NKDC reaffirmed its commitment and joined local authorities from across the country by becoming a signatory of Climate Local (the successor to the Nottingham Declaration), committing us to taking action in a changing climate and publishing what we do. More recently, in 2016 Executive Board approved our Environmental Policy.

The work to reduce our energy and fuel consumption in the last six years has resulted in a reduction in our carbon footprint of 43.69% and annual savings of around £150,000.

The Council has focused on reducing the emissions generated by our buildings, services and contractors. Many projects have been completed. Our main offices receive waste heat from the Sleaford Renewable Energy Plant, has a new boiler, solar panels on the roof and LED lighting fitted throughout. The majority of our sites are on a government certified 100% renewable energy sourced electricity supply. Waste and recycling collection routes have been monitored and changed to minimise the use of fuel. Plus many more resource efficiency measures.

Reducing emissions across the District takes partnership working, so we created Low Carbon NK Partnership. Local organisations are invited to sign the Low Carbon NK Charter to commit to doing what they can to reduce emissions. The Low Carbon NK Plan sets a 20% by 2020 reduction target and promotes what partners are doing to contribute. We update the Plan annually with the latest government figures and an update from each Charter signatory, NKDC’s activities included. Some of our district projects include the building of energy efficient straw houses that are affordable and sustainable homes for council tenants, trialling different energy efficient heating systems in Council homes and most recently building two council homes to PassivHaus standards which are designed to need no heating system due to their airtight and highly insulated design.