Low carbon NK charter and plan

A partnership with businesses to measure, monitor and reduce North Kesteven’s carbon emissions.

The Sustainability Team launched the Low Carbon NK Charter in 2013 asking local organisations to sign and commit to doing whatever they can to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, from their operations. We have had a fantastic response since then and now have 35 signatories.

The Charter is supported by the Low Carbon NK Plan. It pulls together all projects and activities, from national down to local level, which will have a positive effect on emissions within the district, towards a realistic 20% by 2020 reduction target. The Plan is updated annually and shows that North Kesteven’s emissions are falling.

Though lead by the Sustainability Team the activity involved in this project is guided by the signatories. The aim is to consolidate what is happening in the district, plus identify and address the needs of organisations. All businesses, signatories or not, are offered bespoke support by the Sustainability Team, see the Business Support page on our BusinessNK site for more details.

If you would like to join the list of signatories or would like support to become more resource efficient please contact the team by calling 01529 414155.