Climate Emergency Strategy and Action Plan

Declaring a climate emergency

On 15th July 2019 Full Council unanimously approved that This Council; 

  • Declares a ‘Climate Emergency’, and works with residents, businesses and other partners to tackle climate change, lobbying for support to address this emergency by 2030
  • Recognises the progress already achieved in reducing greenhouse gas emissions from North Kesteven District Council operations by 67.05% in ten years and the 25% reduction across the district
  • Supports the development of a new policy and strategy for the ‘Our Environment’ priority’ within the NK Plan following scrutiny review and Executive Board consideration
  • Supports the development of pilot programmes designed to advance the Sustainable Development Goals, focused on cost effective innovation to enable the district to reduce reliance on fossil fuel technology

Climate Emergency Strategy and Action Plan approved

After significant work to deliver against the commitment above, on 24th September 2020 Executive Board approved the Climate Emergency Strategy and Action Plan which sets out the action the authority will take to achieve net zero emissions (a 95% reduction in emissions from council operations and from energy across the district as a whole). This document enables us to take the immediate action that is needed, but is just the starting point to tackling this huge agenda. It will be reviewed and investigations taken into the high level interventions that need to be made to significantly reduce emissions. Our Environment policy will also now be updated. 

Help us shape the action we take

The climate emergency is already impacting us all with more extreme weather each year. Therefore the Strategy and Action Plan will be put out to public and industry consultation later in the year to enable our residents and businesses to add to and  shape the action they want us to take. 

What is your role?

This is a daunting agendas so the strategy is clear on the action to be taken;

  • Reduce CO2 emissions from energy to net zero – Everyone needs to reduce energy consumption and increase energy efficiency in our homes and businesses
  • Monitor emissions and removals of CO2 from Land Use, Land Use Change and Forestry – NKDC will work with experts to better understand and monitor these emissions. Landowners and managers from gardeners to farmers need to increase CO2 capture and storage by high levels of tree planting, forestry improvements, and forestry management to compensate for non-CO2 emissions which cannot be eliminated e.g. agriculture. Whilst trees are vital, all natural storage options need to be considered and every piece of land is vital
  • Reduce non-CO2 emissions – In addition, to improving energy use, we all need to improve the way we travel, what we eat, and reduce the waste we create. NKDC also needs the support of local industry to identify significant sources of these emissions to monitor and reduce them e.g. through Land Use, Land Use Change and Forestry to absorb CO2 sufficient to help compensate for these non-CO2 emissions

Future of transport

For information on the future of transport, see our future of transport webpage.