Access to information held on public registers can be obtained here

The following publicly held information can be obtained as detailed below:

Please note that there is no fee for the below information from us.

Question 1.1 (a) to (i) – Planning History and Pending Applications

This is freely available on our planning online website or the GIS based planning register is made available to you when you attend the office to carry out a personal search.

Initial Notice Register (Approved Inspector) is available on request from Building Control – please contact Building Control to prearrange appointment times. Telephone number: 01529 414155.

Question 1.2 – Planning Designations and Proposals

This is freely available in hard copy via the Customer Services at Reception. Please ask when you attend for your personal search appointment. It can also be found on the NKDC Local Plan page. 

Question 2.1-2.5 Roads and Public Rights of Way, 3.2 Land to be acquired for Road Works, 3.3 Drainage Matters, 3.4 a-f Nearby Road Schemes and 3.6 a-l Traffic Schemes, 3.7 e and g Outstanding Notices

The above matters are the responsibility of Lincolnshire County Council and you will need to contact them directly to be appraised of the procedures for access to the information.

Address: Lincolnshire County Council, Unit 7, Witham Park, Waterside South, Lincoln LN5 7JN

Telephone: 01522 782020 ask for Highways


Question 3.1 Land required for Public Purposes

Roads aspect – contact Lincolnshire County Council

Planning aspect – Available on our planning online website.

Question 3.5 a and b Nearby Railway Schemes

This is freely available on our planning online website.

Question 3.10. Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

Please see our Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) webpage.

Question 3.11(a) – Conservation Area

This is freely available when you attend the office to carry out a personal search on the GIS based planning register

Question 3.12 – Compulsory Purchase

Any order will be plotted on the GIS system and freely available.

Question 3.13 (a) Contaminated Land and 3.13 (b) (ii) – an entry on the register

This information is available at the Council’s reception upon request.

Question 3.14 – Radon Gas

This information is available from the Public Health England website and the Health Protection Agency (HPA) website 

Question 3.15. – Assets of Community Value

This is freely available when you attend the office to carry out a personal search on the GIS system.

If you have any comments, complaints or suggestions please send them in writing to our Democratic Services team.

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