Customer Feedback

Customer focus

‘Customer Focus’ is one of our values – and we care about your experiences when using our services. We hope they are positive experiences and that’s what we strive for. However, we recognise that we don’t always get it right – sometimes you might be unhappy with a service you received and if that’s happened we want to hear about it so we can learn from your experience.

Our Corporate Feedback process is designed to receive Compliments, Complaints and Comments because we feel that only by acknowledging all three can we ensure we’re a Customer Focused Council.

You might also want to feedback to us through surveys and focus groups – this is important to us too; but is not managed through our Corporate Feedback process. If you want to take part in any of our future surveys or focus groups please contact by email or speak to our customer services team.

How can you give us your feedback?

You can tell us by whatever method is easiest for you. 

We will accept feedback from you through whatever method you prefer. However, if a complaint is offered verbally, we will try to take it on a telephone that records the call (with your consent) or we will write it down and send it to you so you confirm that it is an accurate reflection of your complaint.

What will we do with your feedback?

Feedback is shared with the service or specific officer that it relates to. We want to ensure that any lessons we learn from your feedback are recognised across the organisation and so we will share it with our other services too where appropriate.

If we’ve left you dissatisfied we will need to evaluate whether we are able to manage your feedback through our corporate process. Unfortunately, our feedback process is not designed as an appeal system to question formal decisions of the Council, which were properly taken or to challenge policy. It is to check that everything that should have been done, has been done and that the procedures and policies have been followed appropriately. 

Feedback that we cannot consider as a corporate complaint include:

  • Requests for Council services, such as reporting an abandoned vehicle or graffiti. These may become complaints if they are not dealt with correctly or quickly enough;
  • Requests for information or explanations of Council policy or practice. However, we will acknowledge and record these as comments against a Council policy so they can be reviewed;
  • Complaints that have a legal remedy;
  • Complaints about the conduct of Councillors – these will be past to our monitoring officer and will be reviewed under a separate process
  • Matters for which there is a right of appeal or review: by a Government Minister; external tribunal or board; or within the Council. We will advise you who to contact to pursue an appeal.

We will acknowledge your correspondence within 4 working days.

What if you are remain unhappy?

If you are a tenant in a council house, and your complaint relates to your tenancy and you remain unhappy with the responses at both stage 1 and stage 2, the next step is to contact an MP, a local Councillor or our tenant’s panel - these are the types of designated person. Designated persons are there to help to resolve disputes between tenants and their landlords. They can do this in whatever way they think is most likely to work. If, after a review by a designated person you remain unhappy with the outcome of your complaint you can refer it to the Housing Ombudsman – but must wait a minimum of 8 weeks from the closure of their complaint by the council before you do this. 

You can find more information about the Housing Ombudsman and the role of a designated person at:

All other complainants should be taken to the Local Government & Social care Ombudsman following our 2 stage process. Please note that on occasion there are complaints the LGSCO cannot or will not be able to investigate. In such circumstances, the LGSCO will explain clearly if this is the case and the reasons why this decision has been given. 

You can find information on how to make a complaint on the Ombudsman website. Both Ombudsman are independent organisations to the council.