Review of Polling Districts, Polling Places and Polling Stations 2018

Comment on the review

What is this review?

In accordance with the Electoral Registration and Administration Act 2013, North Kesteven District Council must complete a review of all polling districts and polling places within the district between 1 October 2018 and 31 January 2020. 

A copy of the Notice of Review can be downloaded.

What does the Review cover?

The review requires the Council to:

  • seek to ensure that all electors have reasonable facilities for voting as are practicable in the circumstances
  • seek to ensure that so far as is reasonable and practicable, every polling place is accessible to electors who are disabled, and when considering the designation of a polling place, must have regard to the accessibility needs of disabled persons

The Review Process

Consultation on the proposals for future polling districts, places and stations will commence on Monday 15 October 2018 and conclude on Friday 12 November 2018.

Representations on the (Acting) Returning Officer's proposals will be open for public inspection and will be taken into account when the final report is prepared for resolution by the Council at its meeting on Tuesday 18 December 2018. A Notice of Conclusion of the Review will be published.

During the review, representations and feedback on any aspect of the allocated polling districts, places and/or stations will be sought from:

  • (Acting) Returning Officers for each constituency within the district council area;
  • Members of Parliament;
  • North Kesteven District Councillors;
  • Lincolnshire County Councillors;
  • Parish Councils (via Parish Clerks); and
  • Political Parties (who have fielded candidates at recent local elections)

Comments will also be invited from:

  • Electors within the North Kesteven district area; and
  • Disability and Access Groups and persons / organisations with expertise in relation to access for disabled persons.

If you would like to make any comments or suggestions on the current polling districts and polling places please submit them by 12 November 2018. An online form has been set up on the council’s website or alternatively you can email or write to:

Chief Executive
C/O Electoral Services (Polling Place Review)
North Kesteven District Council
Council Offices
Kesteven Street
NG34 7EF

Terms used in the Review

Polling District – a geographical subdivision of an electoral area, for example a District/Parish Ward within which a polling place is designated

Polling Place – an area or building in which polling stations are located, and which can be as wide as a complete polling district.

Polling Station – the actual area in which voting takes place.

What is not covered by this Review

The following matters will not be considered as part of the review:

  • The changing of any District Ward boundaries (which can only be done by statute following an electoral review carried out by the Local Government Boundary Commission). This review is concerned only with the administrative subdivision of the the wards into Polling Districts which are then assigned Polling Places;


  • The changing of polling districts in areas that are also aligned with Parish boundaries and therefore cannot be amended during this review (these can only be amended during a Community Governance Review)

The polling arrangements will continue to be kept under review. The next full review of polling districts and polling places will take in five years time.