NK's Open Space Strategy

NK’s Open Space Strategy

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North Kesteven District Council is committed to improving the health, wellbeing and environmental sustainability of the District, and aims to work with our partners to achieve this. Open spaces are hugely important and valuable assets, and are proven to improve public health, wellbeing and quality of life. They make our communities enjoyable places to live, work and visit, and provide opportunities for people to engage in healthy and active lifestyles.

As part of our commitment to our new ‘Our Environment’ priority, the Council has produced its first Open Space Strategy. This Strategy aims to explore opportunities to deliver the quantity and types of open spaces our communities need, and to encourage and promote outdoor leisure participation. We also aim, through delivery of this Strategy, to increase opportunities for our communities to access our beautiful countryside, and to work with our partners to maximise biodiversity in open spaces across NK.

We aim to formally adopt this Strategy in late 2018. Before we do this, we would like to hear your views.

A copy of our draft Open Space Strategy is available in the ‘downloads’ section of this page. If you would like to comment on this draft Strategy please either complete our online form, or send your comments in writing to:

Michelle Hoyles
C/o Development Management
North Kesteven District Council
Kesteven Street

NG34 7EF

Please ensure we receive your comments before 5pm on Friday 21st September 2018.