Licensing Policy Consultation

 Licensing policy consultation response form

Section 5 of the Licensing Act 2003 requires a licensing authority to prepare and publish a statement of its Licensing Policy every five years. This policy details how the Authority will exercise its functions under the Act.  Before determining its policy the Authority must consult with certain responsible authorities defined within the Act and other persons that the Authority considers represent the holders of premises licences, club premises certificates and personal licences and persons that represent residents and businesses in its area.

The current policy was drawn up following a formal consultation process and adopted by the Authority in January 2016.

Formal consultation on the next statement of licensing policy, which is due to be published in January 2021 is currently being undertaken and will continue until 7th September 2020.

A copy of the consultation document is linked to this page along with a consultation response document.

Any responses can be emailed to the Licensing Team at or complete our licensing policy consultation response form.