Consultation on Contaminated Land Strategy 2018

The Council has reviewed its contaminated land strategy and would welcome your comments on the strategy.

The Council’s current contaminated land strategy was published in 2005. The strategy has been revised to take account of the latest legislation as well as changes in working practices and guidance. It is proposed that this updated strategy supersedes all previous versions. 

The purpose of this revised strategy is to ensure a rational, ordered, timely and efficient approach to dealing with potentially contaminated sites within the North Kesteven District.

Key changes in the new Contaminated Land Strategy 

  1. This revised strategy clarifies the Council’s position in that NKDC will not pursue site inspections beyond the strategic inspection stage due to the potentially extensive costs this could put on the Council and its residents. This means that NKDC will not undertake intrusive sampling (soil, water or gas), risk assessments or remediation exercises unless they are funded by a third party or unless appropriate funds are otherwise allocated.  In exceptional circumstances NKDC will carry out and fund the works as necessary and seek recompense where appropriate, these cases will be reviewed and authorised on an individual basis. 
  2. NKDC will look to investigate and deal with potentially contaminated land sites through other means. This includes working within the development control and planning process as well as the building control process to enable effective monitoring of contaminated sites undergoing redevelopment or with permission for redevelopment.
  3. The most significant change in contaminated land statutory guidance is a new four category system to help local authorities determine whether land is or is not contaminated on the basis of a significant possibility of significant harm to human health. A similar system can be used for determining whether or not a significant possibility of significant pollution of controlled waters exists.  These changes are reflected in the draft strategy.

Please send comments to the Environmental Health team by email at or post to North Kesteven District Council, Kesteven Street, Sleaford, NG34 7EF before 23:59 on 11 December 2018.