Website statistics 2016-17

Reliable performance is important in order to encourage and maintain the usage of quality web-based services. Our aim is to have the website available for use at all times, (24x7x365).

This is not always possible due to essential maintenance, but we are committed to making our site available as close to 100% as possible.

As part of our commitment to providing quality services, we use a website monitoring, reporting, and alerting service provided by a third party to help ensure our website is available and performing satisfactorily.

We filter out visits from North Kesteven District Council and myriad automated ‘robots’ that visit the site simply to check the site is still available.

Due to us going live with a new website in April 2016, we now collect slightly different statistics to what we have published previously.

Website statistics 2016-17
Month Visitors Page views Average number of pages per session
April 25,696 114,243 2.99
May 25,431
124,603 3.27
June 22,291 163,421 4.74
July 21,293 148,883 4.51
August 23,103 165,457 4.62
September 22,475 155,868 4.46
October 22,998 160,522 4.54
November 24,999 166,555 4.3
December 28,838 149,039 3.6
January 28,303 188,765 4.24
February 32,571 189,154 3.69
March 38,571 226,385 3.73