Equality monitoring

Equality monitoring is the name North Kesteven District Council gives to personal information we collect about the people who use our services. The monitoring of responses ensures that the Council is not discriminating against any section of society when delivering and providing services.

To evidence this, the Council includes equality monitoring questions on surveys. These questions mean North Kesteven District Council can track satisfaction and service usage and can ensure that people from protected groups have been consulted with. In addition, the Council recognises that some people may have different service needs than others. Therefore, asking these questions allows the Council to tailor services to meet these needs. North Kesteven District Council does not publish individual responses and all surveys are input and analysed by the Corporate Information Team who do not have access to any customer records. This way, personal information provided cannot be tracked back to individuals. Furthermore, as stated on the form, the monitoring questions are entirely optional. Therefore, if residents are not comfortable with answering them, as with any other question, they are able to leave them blank