Guidance on supplier spend over £500

We will publish expenditure data on individual payments over £500 to trade creditors on a monthly basis.

For the purposes of this guide, ‘expenditure’, includes:

  • Individual invoices
  • Grant payments to other organisations
  • Transactions with other public bodies
  • Expense payments
  • Any other transactions over £500

While we aim to be as transparent as possible, there may be some cases where we need to withhold information that could be regarded as sensitive for commercial or security reasons, or to protect personal privacy.

It will not include:

  • Payments which compromise an individual person’s privacy, e.g. salary payments
  • Payments which could jeopardise security or an investigation into criminal matters
  • Payments made to Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) for value added tax (VAT), pay as you earn (PAYE) and National Insurance Contributions (NIC) or pensions
  • Financing and investment income
  • Benefit payments
  • Precept payments (Council tax collected by us on behalf of other public bodies)

Data published will commence December 2010. From January 2011, spending data will be published within one calendar month of the month end.

In general, the authority will follow its duties under the Data Protection Act 1998 when excluding payments from publication.

Data Description

FieldField Description
Cost centreArea of Council to which expenditure originated from.
Creditor nameName of supplier to whom payment was made.
DateTransaction date into General Ledger.
Detail DescriptionA brief description of what the expenditure is.
FundRevenue - Is expenditure funded from Council tax payments, Central Government grants and from fees and charges. Capital - Is expenditure on the Council’s assets funded from grants...
Ledger codeThe Councils full accountancy code.
Name ID32UE s the unique identifier for NKDC as described by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) Standard Names and Codes (SNAC).
Voucher NumberUnique internal reference number allocated by the payments system.