NK Plan 2020-23

  • The NK Plan establishes the Council’s vision, purpose and values, detailing our top-line aims, ambitions and actions against our five priorities – Our Communities, Our Council, Our Economy, Our Environment, and Our Homes.  Mapping out the forward vision for the Council, it is critical in the development of all of our workflows and partner relations. 
  • There has been an extensive period of engagement with constructive and positive contributions from almost 2,000 residents, members, and many, many other stakeholders – with an immense amount of work undertaken in shaping it and ensuring its relevance. 
  • The NK Plan 2020-23 is a natural evolution of previous plans, but wholly refreshed and re-visioned to ensure the Council’s Climate Emergency position is central to its core. 
  • The NK Plan 2020-23 remains fully aligned with our Financial Plans, and our investment plans for economic development, regeneration, housing, arts and culture. 
  • The NK Plan 2020-23 received unanimous approval from Full Council at its meeting of 3rd March 2020.