Facts and figures about the council

  • Information on the DistrictThe District of North Kesteven is a large, diverse, rural area in Lincolnshire.
  • Equality and diversityThe Council has a vision for North Kesteven to be a district of 100 flourishing communities.
  • Council informationWe are a local government district in the East Midlands and one of the seven districts in Lincolnshire, located at the centre of the county.
  • Inspire ComplianceThe purpose of INSPIRE is to allow spatial data to be comparable across regions, the UK and Europe to give consistent evidence about the environment.
  • Gender Pay Gap InformationHere you can find information on the Council's Gender Pay Gap.
  • NK ValuesInformation on the Council's corporate values.
  • Census 2021Find information on the 2021 census.
  • Council Transparency and SpendingFind information on the Council's spending and other figures.
  • Council PerformanceInformation on how we're doing as a Council, including our corporate plans and annual reports.